{November 13, 2012}   Decembers Marie Claire and Cosmoplitan Free Gifts.


I purchased the following magazines from my local newsagents, they both came with freebies, here’s what I think of them.
Marie Claire – £3.80
There is a choice of two free gifts with Decembers issue of Marie Claire, you can either have a sample sized Jemma Kidd Face Primer or a full sized Jemma Kidd mascara, I spotted one magazine amongst the shelves with both products in so I quickly grabbed it. I’ve not really heard much about the Jemma Kidd brand but a quick mooch online showed that her products are pricey so I had high hopes for these freebies.
The primer is a thickish clear gel formula with a strong floral odour, I put a very thin layer on my mush and instantly felt uncomfortable, although it was dry my face felt sticky and tight. This claims to lift your face so that may explain the tightness all though I didnt see any visible results. I hate sticky hands and now I know I hate a sticky face and removed this straight away. I’ll be passing this along to a friend
The Mascara is black and comes with a big chunky bristles wand, which I found awkward to use. I had difficulty getting the brush to coat my inner and outer corner lashes and ended up with product on my face.
As far as appearence  goes it was just bog standard, nothing special but also nothing bad. It does not say anywhere on the packaging that its waterproof but I had a hell of a time removing and I still had traces on my lover lash line (where I didnt apply it) the next morning. It sort of comes of in smudgy clumps. Not worth the effort for an average performing mascara, this will also be passed on to a mate.
Cosmopolitan – £3.60
This months Cosmo comes free with a full sized 100ml V05 Smoothly Does It hair product. which is designed to prevent frizz when using hair straighteners. I’ve not used this yet as I am cutting back my use of my GHD’s  but the texture feels silky soft and it smells absolutley gorgeous. I’m looking forward to trying this out. I’m not sure of the official retail price but I saw it in Boyes today for £4.50.
Also within the pages is a sachet sample for Nivea Express Hydration Primer and samples of Rimmel’s new match perfect foundation in six shades, I love how Rimmel have done this,  usually samples like this are all supplied in one shade and they are always too dark for me so I don’t never go on to purchase but with this I can match the shade and will be more likely to purchase it.

I wish they gave products with magazines in the US. I always wanted to try Jemma Kidd. I’m not terribly excited anymore AND I won’t spend more money!

I also got one of her eye-liners in a copper shade free with a magazine a while ago and I’m also not impressed with that.
Sometimes I do wonder if the less popular products from the range are given away with the magazines as a few items Ive gotten in the past I know to be good but the freebie was shit.

Why is the UK so cool!!! I want free samples with my mags!!!

Do you guys not get any at all? Maybe your magazines are cheaper than over here? Almost everymagazine here has something attatched to it, my Daughter gets a few each week and makes her choice on which one to get based on the free gift.
Even a lot of the magazines aimed at hobbies have something related to the hobby free with it. I’m so used to getting freebies I feel mugged when there is nothing attatched lol.

We sometimes get blister packets attached to coupons in magazines but never full size products. Magazines here are $3.99-$4.99 US depending on which one. I guess that would be considered cheaper but you guys have your own versions- like British Glamour, etc, so I would think it’s comparable.

I feel robbed paying $5 for something I read in a day or two and then throw out!

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