{December 4, 2012}   November Purchases.

I’ve not divided this month’s purchases into weeks as there isn’t that much stuff, there was plenty I wanted but I have been good with controlling myself, how many shades of Blue polish can I need?  I have finished purchasing my polishes for my polish swap and cant’ wait for her to recieve them, hopefully she will get them before Christmas.

Sally Hansen Supershine Top Coat – £3 in The Factory Shop.

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD in Heart Of Gold – £2 for two – The Factory Shop.

Pink Tease Animal Nail Tips – £1 in The Factory Shop.

Royal Connections Make Up Brushes.
Blending Brush – 99p in Boyes.
Small Shadow Brush – 89p in Boyes.
Large Shadow Brush – 99p in Boyes.

NYC Kohl Brow Pencils in Black and Taupe – £1 for two in Poundland.

Brown Knitted Hair Band – £1 in Poundland.

Sinful Colors – Bianca, Show Me The Way, Beautiful Girl and Fly Away – £1 each in Poundland.

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Portobello Pink, Shocker and Desert Beauty – £1 each in Poundland.

Make Up Academy Lipsticks – £2 (three for two) in Superdrug.

Rimmel Threesum Shadows – £1 in Poundland.
La Colours Shadow Palette – Carnival – £1 in Boyes.

Wild and Crazy Volumising Mascara in Black and Clear – £1 each in Poundland.

w7 Powder Blush – Walnut Glow – £1 in Poundland.

Sally Hansen Sculpt And Shape Lipstick – £1 in Poundland.

Essie - Nothing Else Metals and Penny Talk.2 for £5 in The Factory Shop.

Essie – Nothing Else Metals and Penny Talk.
2 for £5 in The Factory Shop.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Without a Stitch, Model Behaviour and Thinking about Blue - £1 each in Poundland.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Without a Stitch, Model Behaviour and Thinking about Blue – £1 each in Poundland.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Dorien Grey, Casting Call and Teracotta, £1 each in Poundland

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Dorien Grey, Casting Call and Teracotta, £1 each in Poundland

Sinful Colours - Big Daddy - £1 in Poundland.

Sinful Colours – Big Daddy – £1 in Poundland.

Calvin Klien - Opus £2 in The Factory Shop

Calvin Klien – Opus
£2 in The Factory Shop

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lipgloss - Juicy Peach.£1 in Poundland.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lipgloss – Juicy Peach.
£1 in Poundland.





First up is my nails from Monday 1st October.  I did want to talk at lengh about them but my first ever She Said Beauty Box Arrived this morning and I want to show you all the contents. Here are yesterdays nails , can you notice anything different?

I wanted a nude nail and swatched dozens of poilshes before setting on Maybelline Forever Strong in Nude Rose. I paid £1 for this in The Original Factory Shop. I painted these on sunday night and the photo was taken ten mins ago, no chips at all. Did you spot the Wedding ring? Yesterday my partner of 12 years and I got married. Nothing big or fancy, just us, our Daughter and two witnesses at the local registry office followed by a bar meal. Perfect.

Now The Beauty Box. This is the first box I have recieved and I did a lot of research before choosing a box to subscribeto  and after reading a review on septembers box by another wordpresser I decided to go with it. The box is £9 a month plus p+p of £2 something. They emailed yesterday to say the box had been dispatched and it arrived this morning so I cant fault delivery. I was so excited, it felt like a little wedding gift to myself :)

Lovely nice pink box – good start. Dissappointment starts to set in as box not very heavy.

A box inside a box.

More Packaging. excitment building up.

Now may be the time to mention that when you first subscribe you fill out a profile survey do-dah in which you let them know which kind of products interest you and which dont , the only two items which I have no use for are skin and hair care products so imagine my face to find these lurking under the tissue paper.

A box full of skin and hair care samples.

Baby sized Samples

Not only was the box full of skin and hair care samples but they were all tiny tiny samples and only one full sized product worth a whopping 99 pence. I don’t actually mind the odd skincare sample but a box full of them lack variety, one make up or nail item would have been nice.  I’m not sure these specific brands but a lot of brands offer the foil sachet samples for free so I feel slighty robbed. The good thing about this service is that you can cancel at any time and if next months box is the same then I will be doing just that. The box will come in handy though. Here are my products in a bit more detail.

B.Liv Off With Those Heads – Sample Size 3ml.
For the full size products it costs $49 for 30 ml or $63 for 45ml. This product claims to easily remove stubborn black and whiteheads while reducing oil secretion to prevent future outbreaks. Code incuded for discount on full purchase.

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Mask – Sample Size 3ml.
According to the blurb the full sized product is $50 for 50 grams. Its formulated using a complex of fresh fruit enzymes and acids.Basically it cleanses and exfoiliates. I’m dubious as to if the sample is even enough to cover my face. Discount code included.

Kerastraight Moisture And Protein Masks – A 10 ml sachet of each.
Claims to smooth and renew hair from the inside out, cutting down day to day maintaining time. Full product costs £25 for 100ml which I would purchase if it produced good results but probably only enough product for one use so not enough to make an informed descision so I shall stick with the mask I currently use.

Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Cream – Sample size 2ml sachet.
Claims to have triple acting properties that protect agaisnt aging (dont they all) and reveal youthful and more luminous skin tone. Again not enough sample to make an informed decision. Full size product costs $24.50 for 118ml with free shipping, a 20 percent

discount code included.

Harbacin Wuta Kamille Hand Cream – Full sized 20ml product worth £0.99
Claims to contain a wealth of natural ingredients to protect your hands from all weather conditions. Cute little product for the handbag, I do suffer from dry hands regulary but find my usual hand cream does the trick, but I do think this will be the only product I actually use as I can take this out with me.

This months “treat” is 30 days worth of My Vitamins Total Acai Berry capsules.
Many different vitamins in range and full price starts at £2.49 for 30 capslues. My Sample claims to help the body reduce oxidative stress and remove harmful toxins such as environmental pollutants. Now Im the kind of person who does not like taking medication and as “natural” as these may be it still feels like taking medicine..

So what do you think? Am I wrong to be dissappointed with my first ever beauty box?  The only product/sample of any use to me is worth 99 pence. My little girl will love the straw however.

et cetera