Free with Decembers issue of Glamour magazine is a full sized 10ml Nails Inc nail polish. You have a choice of four varied shades. These retail at £11 a bottle, Glamour magazine is £2. You could own all four for less than it costs to buy one. Its in the shops now and I’ve got my copy. The choices are:

Glamour magazine Free Nails Inc November 2012

You also get three foil sachet samples within the pages these are Rimmel BB Cream in shade Light, Nivea Express Hydration Primer and Max Factor FaceFinity Foundation. I love getting these with magazines as I get to try products I’d not normally buy and they are great for popping in the car or handbag in case I get caught short. There is also two peel back perfume sniffy pages.

For £2, this months magazine is fantastic value, the magazine seems to be aimed at women in their early 20’s but they do have some decent articles in there, I like the handbag/travel friendly size of the mag which is great for reading in the bath (my fave place) or on the crapper (hubby’s fave place). Its a magazine I get every month, free gift or not, but I have to hand to this Glamour, they have had some fantastic freebies this year.

I chose Elizabeth Street as its unlike any colours I currently have, the other three shades didn’t really do it for me and I don’t have the kind of conscious that would allow me to bulk buy and resell on Ebay (its already happening).



I have found this really difficult to write today and I have deleted paragraph after paragraph, I am by no means a writer and I’m not much of a talker come to think of it so I really hope I get my points across without offending anyone. I will most likely end up deleting at some point.

Obesity is a problem in the UK there is no denying it. I can’t be arsed to look for official figures but I think I can make a safe guess that the treatment of obesity related illness cost the tax payer a hefty sum each year, I think its great that as a country we have recognized there is a problem and are taking measures to fix it but I find myself on the opposite side and there is very very little professional help for me.

I am 33 years old and five foot one in height up until 18 months ago I was a healthy UK size 10 and had been all of my adult life.  I wasn’t skinny, just slim and healthy. I was lucky that I could pretty much eat whatever I liked in large quantities if I chose to do so, I didn’t really excercise or work at maintaining my weight, I guess it was just natural. I am so desperate to get back to that size 10.

About 18 months ago I noticed that I had to start wearing a belt with most of my jeans, I wasn’t worried to begin with, but then as the weeks went by my clothes got bigger on me and looked silly so I had to buy size 8s, after six months or so I visited my GP as I became worried at the speed of my weight loss, my diet and life style had not changed and there was no obvious cause for the loss. The doctor ran tests for things like diabetes but they all came back clear, which brought both relief and anxiety as I didnt know what was happening to my body.

Over the following months my weight loss continued, it didn’t help that I lost my Dad very suddenly in January, I had conflicted feelings during the aftermath of his death and I didn’t eat healthily during this time, I got throught it by smoking a lot and drinking coffee, it got to march and my size 8 clothing was now too big for me and I had been holding my jeans up with belts for some time so I made another visit to the doctors, I weighed 8st (112 pound), he diagnosed me with anxiety issues and put me on anti depressants. He did what he thought was right I guess but I knew that my anxiety was a symptom of my weight loss not the cause of it, never the less I took the tablets and nothing changed apart from I felt even more tired due to the side affects of the medication, I would drop my Daughter at school and come home and sleep on the couch for most of the day.

Around this same point my friends and family started noticing the change in my weight and commenting on it,  some could genuinley not understand why I was unhappy losing weight and I’ll be honest and say one of my closest friends was jealous. People seem to think a skinny girl is fair game to make comments on. I felt I would have got more sympathy and understanding if I had been gaining weight and heading for obesity. My doctor took me off the medication after a few months as it was doing nothing for me and sent me on my way and I’ve just plodded along.

I had to visit the doctors last week for birth control pills and I now weigh 6st 13 (97 pounds) and I am wearing a UK size 6 clothing, which are starting to feel loose around the waist. I’ve lost two stone (28 pounds) over 18 months, two stone that I didnt have on my body to lose. I laugh off the jokes aimed at me from people who dont even know me but it really does hurt. Im fed up of telling people that I am not annorexic. I hate eating out in large groups as the amount I eat is commented on. You wouldn’t do it with an overweight person and its not ok to do it with an underweight one.

To be totally honest I don’t like myself much right now and flinch when I catch sight of my body in the mirror. My face is hollow and my bones stick out all over the place, I have very low energy and feel so tired all of the time, I’ve recently noticed my hair is thinning,  I don’t sleep a lot but when I do I struggle to wake up.  My Husband is really worried about me and I don’t like making him feel worried for me, I’m grateful he knows that I am not doing this to myself but it still makes me feel bad. I worry that my little girl may think its normal to look like this and will develop an eating disorder in the future  as a result. I dont feel like I’m being the Wife and Mother that my family deserve. I recognise that I can’t go on like this, I am going to end up seriously ill if I continue to lose weight at this rate but I’ve no idea where I am supposed to turn for help.

If you made it this far then Thank You.

{October 29, 2012}   One Or The Other.

I have been tagged over on the gorgeous Nicolesbeautyblog. You really should go check the pretty lady out, her eye make-up looks are fab.

Onto the tag.

Blush or Bronzer?  Blush

Until recently I never ever wore blush or bronzer, Im pale skinned and bronzer just looks wrong and blush always made me look like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummidge, not a good look. Thankfully the formula and shades are much much better now than they were a few years ago and I now love blush and the flush it gives cheeks, I still dont like bronzer though.


Lipgloss or Lipstick?   Gloss.

This is a hard one as I like to wear my gloss over a lipstick. If I had to choose then it would be gloss as its easy to apply and not drying like some lipsticks are.


Chapstick or Lip butter?   Chapstick.

I keep one in each of my bags and coat pockets to make sure I am never without one. I loooove chapsticks.


Matte or Sparkle Eyeshadow?    Matte

On a day to day basis I always go for matte, its very rare (and sad) that an occasion calls for me to glam up and add some sparkle.


Gel, Liquid, Cream or Pencil Liner?   Always liquid.

I love the strong bold lines that a liquid liner gives. they are also easier for me to work with and I make less mistakes.


Foundation or Concealer?   Concealer.

I have trouble wearing most foundations as thet always feel heavy on me so most days its concealer in the usual places. I envy ladies who can wear full coverage foundation and look gorgeous.


Liquid or Powder Foundation? Liquid.

I love the idea of powder foundation but I get regular bouts of dry patches of skin and powder just clings to it and exagerates (sp?) it, it also looks very cakey on me so I stick to liquid.


Neutral or Statement eye?  Neutral.

I am so jealous of the bloggers I read who can create the most beautiful eye make-uplooks and make it look so easy, I have tried many many times but always look like I have clown vomit on my eyes so its neutral for me..


Pressed or Loose shadows?  Pressed.

I love the stronger pigments of loose shadows and I have several which sit at the bottom of my cosmetic case  because they are way too messy for me to work with, I get them out every now and then to admire them and have a play but it looks like its pressed for me for the time being.


Waterproof or Non Waterproof?  Non-waterproof.

I had a really bad experience with waterproof mascara a few years back, I think it was a Rimmel one, to cut a long story short I had to walk around with Panda eyes for three days as the bloody stuff refused to budge so its non-waterproof for me forever.


Brushes, Sponges or Fingers? Brushes.

I use my fingers for foundation and brushes for everything else but since I have to choose one I’ll go with brushes as I’d be able to apply foundation with a brush but not eyeshadows with my finger. As a child I remember watching my Mum apply her eyeshadows with her fingers, she always did a good job too.


Powder, Cream or Liquid Highlighters?

I’m still on the fence about highlighters, I’ve not found one that looks natural on me so I’ll have to say none.


I would like to tag:






If you have time go check out these lovely ladies pages.



{October 28, 2012}   Whats In My Make Up Bag?

I meant to post this before I left for our honeymoon/holiday in Majorca but time was short and I never got round to it, and then I just found it in my list,,,, ooopps.

I learned from my August trip to Spain to pack light with my cosmetics as I didnt use half of what I took with me on my last trip and I can proudly say I used every single item I took with me. For anyone who is interested here is the contents of my Holiday Make Up Bag.

Here is the bag I have to fit my products in.

The bag itself I picked up in a charity shop for a measly 50 pence and I fall a bit more in love with it everytime I look at it. Its both very practical and pretty. I love the gothic pattern and cant quite believe I got it so cheaply. Its these kind of bargains which keep me visiting charity shops. If Mary Poppins had a make up bag it would be this one, its impossible to fill.


Two pairs of eyelash curlers. (In case one broke)
Scarlett and Crimson Brush Set.
A mixture of five other eyeshadow and blush brushes.

Declor Day Face Cream
Avon Renew Night Cream
Avon Renew – Day and Night Eye Cream
l’occitane Floral hand Cream
Herbacin Hand Cream
Vital Radiance Eye Primer.
w7 Magic Eyes Primer.
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer.
w7 photoready primer
2true Concealer.
NO7 Radience Concealer.
Stila Tinted Moisturiser.
Boots 17 bb Cream
L’oreal True Match Powder

Make Up Academy – ShimmerKisses Blush
W7 Matte Finish Blush – Duchess

LA Colours Eye Palette
NO7 Amazing Eyes Pencil – Brown
Avon Extra Lasting Eyeliner Pen – Black
Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner – Black
Avon Brow Styler – Slate
NO7 Fanomenal Mascara Black
Revlon 3d Mascara – Black
Avon Supermagnify Mascara – Black
Scarlette and Crimson Brow Gel and Clear Mascara.

Urban Decay Naked 2 – I am so in love with this palette and pleased it arrived before I left..

Benefit – Benetint.
NO7 Moisturising Liplicious Balm – Sweet Peaches
Sally Hansen Ultra Soothing Lip Tint – Cranberry.
2true Lip Colour Sealer
Avon Colortrend Lipstick – Flirt.
UrbanDecay Lip Junkie Gloss – Naked.
Nivea Beaut Lipstick – Smoothie
Nivea Beaut Lipstick – Satinette
Nivea Beaut Lipstick -Terra

{October 28, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #7

Tuesday 23rd October.

Products used: Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat.

Rimmel 60 Seconds – Coral Crush (89p in Boyes)

Sally Hansen Mega Shine .

As always I started with a coat of Essie’s Fill The Gap Base Coat, followed by two coats of Rimme’s Coral Crush and I finished off with a coat of Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine.

Forumla is great to work with, perfect consistencey(sp?) and a lovely wide brush which makes application a doddle. I cant say how much I love these wider brushes, they make my life so much easier and save me a lot of time. I know this more of a summer colour but to be honest I wear whatever colour I feel like regardless of the season. The weather here in the UK is miserable at the moment and I miss the short summer we did have, putting a bright colour on my nails makes me feel a little happy inside so I say balls to the season rules.

Wednesday 24th October.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat.

Rimmel 60 Seconds – Camouflage –  Green With Envy – Star Kissed and Instyle Coral. All 89p in Boyes.

Over the top of Essie’s Fill The Gap I applied two coats of Camouflage on each nail except my ring finger, formula is great and another wide brush for easy application, this was opaque in one coat but I always apply two coats. On my ring finger I apllied three coats of Green With Envy, this has a smaller brush and the formula was much more watery, a fourth coat would have been better but I knew I wanted to paint on a flower. I used one of my Daughter’s brushes to paint a flower using Star Kissed on my ring finger and then added a little blob of Instyle Coral for the centre of the flower. As you can see I need practice with this. These dried very quickly.

Thursday 25th October.

Products Used: Avon Revitacool Base Coat

Yes Love Magnetic Polish – Blue and Purple.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat.

I picked these magnetic polishes up in Spain on my first visit there in August. I think I paid about two euros and I have mixed feeling about these now that I have finally tried them out. I started with a thin coat of purple on all my nails except second from little finger on which I applied the blue, followed by a thicker second coat. I painted one nail at a time and found that you have to work fast with these as they seem to set pretty quickly, the results with the magnets were inconsistant, one nail would look great and then the next hardly noticable. It didnt matter as by the next morning most of the magnetic affect had faded and I was left with a really weird finish. Its put me off trying any more magnetic polishes, I will use the polish on its own in future as it gave a good metallic finish.

Friday 26th October.

Products Used: Avon Revitacool Base Coat.

Sinful Colors – Mercury Rising and Serena and Chloe.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

After seeing the SilverNail’s swatch of Mercury Rising I remembered how much I loved the colour so I had to wear it, and after reading MommyLovesNailPolish’s description of using a dotting tool I wanted to try them too. I had been doing it all wrong so no wonder my dots were uneven. I painted each finger in two coats of Mercury Rising, this applied evenly and two coats were perfect, I then applied Serena and Chloe to my thumbs, this shade was more sheer and required three coats, I would have done four had I not been dotting over it, I then used my dotting tool to stamp on nine dots with Mercury Rising and used the smaller end to place a smaller dot with mercury rising inside the larger dot, once it was all dry I applied a coat of Mega Shine, which really brought the Mercury Rising to life.

Sunday 29th October.

Products Used: Revitacool Base Coat.

Sally hansen Insta-Dri – Brisk Blue

Claire’s Cosmetics Blue Glitter Top Coat.

Sally hansen Mega Shine.

I stuck my hand in my polish collection and the one I grabbed was Brisk Blue, I wore this not too long ago so I picked up my Blue Glitter top coat from a set of mini glitters which I purchases from newcastle airport earlier in the year. I’ve been putting off wearing glitters as they are a pain in the arse to remove but today I thought SOD IT,  I applied two coats of Brisk Blue over my base coat, I love everything about this polish from the shape of the bottle to the shape of the brush. This was truly opaque with just one coat but as always I applied two. The second coat didn’t bring anything to the table so next time I shall just use one coat. As much as I like this shade it just seemed a bit bleugh today so I began applying the top coat and thats when the magic happened.

From looking into the bottle the formula seemed a light blue watery base with blue and purple micro glitter, which if I am honest looked sparse, so as you can imagine I was not expecting much from this product. Boy  oh boy was I suprised when I began applying, this holds so much glitter its unbelievable and whats better is it looks dramatic yet subtle and this is the first ever glitter polish I have used which dispersed the glitter evenly, I did not have to dab or poke with my brush once which is a big plus for me as doing that tends to ruin my polish underneath, one coat looked fabulous and the second coat made the colour look amazing, almost holographic,  as with all good manicures the photos really do not do this polish justice. Average drying time with MegaShine top coat. This would probably work well on its own too. The only downside is the size of the brush, because its a minature it felt a bit awkward to handle but if the others shades in the set look as great as this I’ll get over it.

My favourite of the week has to be the Brisk Blue with Blue Glitter combo. What do you think?

Products Used.

Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmel Lycra Pro – Black Pearl – £1 in Poundland.

Sinful Colors – Aqua – £1 in Poundland.

Sinful Colors – Scandal – £1 in Poundland.

Essie Mod Squad – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

Missguided – Misstifu (free with glamour magazine.)

Sally hansen Extreme Wear – Pink Boa – £1 in Poundland.

NYC -MoMa – £1 in The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmle Lycra Pro – Violet Metal – £1 in Poundland.

Rimmel Lycra Pro – Midnight Blue £1  in Poundland.

Attitude Matte Top Coat – £4.50 from Ebay.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

Black Pearl.

I asked my husband what colour he thought I should do my nails and he gave black as a half arsed reply so after applying my Essie Base Coat (I must get another bottle soon as this is almost half empty) I applied a coat Rimmel’s Black Pearl.  The formula is great and was opaque in two thin coats, I love the big wide brush which allowed me to cover each nail evenly in two strokes. It dried true to what it appears in the bottle with blue and silver micro shimmer which looks amazing when caught in the light.  Black Matte seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment so being the sheep that I am I applied a coat of my new Attitude Matte Top Coat and waited for the transformation, and waited, nothing happened. I’m assuming the Rimmel’s anti-fade colour system does it job well so I applied another Matte top coat and noticed some transformation. The whole lot dried to unsmudgeable levels within ten mins. Less than 12 hours later and this is the condition of the polish, lots of tip wear, is it possible the Matte finish gives less protection? I have worn this polish before and it lasted several days.


I have read a lot of nice things about this polish so when I spotted it in Poundland I snapped it up. I applied it over my Essie base coat, the brush is very thin, which I don’t really like as it takes a lot of strokes to cover my nail, for a small brush it picks up a lot of product which made application tedious as I was continuosly wiping off excess polish.

The first coat was pretty sheer and streaky, I had a lot of visible brush strokes and felt like giving up and removing the whole lot. I didn’t though and boy am I glad as the second coat brought this to life. It dried true to the colour in the bottle and although you can see slight brush strokes I think it adds depth.

The shine on this is amazing too however it took forever to try and I mean forever, I had pretty nails when I went to bed by which time the polish had had a good four hours to dry and this is what my right hand looked like when I woke.

Big Sinful Fail, its a shame as I love the colour.

Midnight And Metal.

I fancied dark nails today and Im still trying to work through my untrieds so I painted three fingers in Midnight Blue and two in Violet Metal.  I then used my Salon Express Stamping Kit to stamp a zebra type pattern over the Violet Metal nails using the Midnight Blue Polish which you cant quite see in image.

Midnight Blue has a gorgeous dark blue shimmer which I could not pick up with my camera due to the weather being lame, its not as black as it seem, its a lovely colour, you’ll just have to trust me. As you can see though I had slight tip wear within a few hours. I’m not having much polish luck this week. :( Lovely wide brush made application easy and polish just right consistancey, two coats for perfection.

Violet Metal needed three coats but since I knew I was stamping over it I only applied two, slighty watery that Midnight Blue but still easy to work with.

Pink Madness.

This is my breast cancer awareness mani. i had trouble choosing a pink so I just used them all. I painted each finger ina different polish. I used three coats on each nail but some could have done with more to be honest.

From Pinkie to Thumb **Missguided, Misstify, –Essie, Mod  Squad, — NYC,MoMa — Sinful Colors, Scandal — Sally Hansen Extreme Wear, Pink Boa**

Sadly there is nothing extreme about the Extreme Wear! very watery and it chipped as soon as it dried…

Pretty crap nails this week. Hopefully next weeks will be better.

{October 19, 2012}   Lots of Rimmel Freebies.

Today has been a great day which has got me believing in fate. I made a random visit to my local chemist today it was chaos, lots of new deliveries and orders had arrived so there were boxes everywhere, I was about to have a rummage in the bargain box when the lady behind the counter handed me a paper bag and asked if I wanted the contents as they were just about to be thrown into the bin, I quickly peeked inside and my eyes must have lit up, I gushed lots and lots and lots of thank yous and practically skipped out of the shop feeling very happy.

Inside the bag was a large amount of unused Rimmel testers, I’m so glad I made the visit to the chemists at the time I did, a few minutes later and these gems would have been in the bin. Here is what I got.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in shades 100, 103 and 201


Rimmel Blushers in shades Smoked Oyster and Pink Rose.
Also not pictured is a rimmel bronzing powder in shade light matte


Full sized Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in shades
Snog (I got two)
No Regrets ( I already own and love)
Pin Up
Her Majesty.


Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lipstain and balm in shade Perpetual Plum


Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks in shades
True vintage
Fudge Brownie.
Pink Blush
Nude Pink
Sweetie (I’ve been considering buying this one)
Burning Desire
Starry Eyed ( I got two)


Rimmel is one of my favourite brands and I love every single shade that was in the bag. I still cant believe that I got these for free. The items that I already own or have two of I have given to my mates. Other than the foundations and lipsticks the products are full sized. I’m so so happy. What is the best freebie you have gotten?





{October 17, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #5

Its more a nails of the fortnight post as I’ve been in Spain on honeymoon. I only took a small amount of polishes as I knew I would not really have much time to mess about with my nails whilst away. Here goes.

Products Used.

Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat – £3 from The Original Factory Shop.

NO7 Stay Perfect in Nougat,French Tip White and Clear – Part of Manicure set from Ebay.

Essie – To Buy Or not To Buy – £3 from The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Purple Pulse – £1.99 in Local Chemist.

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Misty Jade – £1.99 in local chemist.

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Tangy Orange – £1.99 in local chemist

Rimmel Lycra Matte Finish – Reduced to £1.14 in Tesco.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

Misty Jade.

I wore this polish to fly out with, its a recent purchase and I thought its a lovely bright for sunny weather. I got several days out of this before it started to chip, simple even two coat application.  I also wore this to fly home with but used my Rimmel Matte finish top coat, sorry no pics so you will just have to trust me that it looked great, however  after one day, it totally peeled off my ring finger and because it was not in my hand luggage I looked like a right wazzock handing my passport over with a bare ring finger.

Tangy Orange.

Another bright sunny colour, this applied evenly in three coats, lasted well and only had minor tip wear when I removed a few days later. I didn’t allow sufficient drying time so it dented a little during the night.

Rimmel and Essie.

I originally applied Essie’s To Buy Or Not To Buy, this has a visible shimmer in the bottle which sadly vanished on application, even the bright Spanish sun could not pick it up, the polish itself was watery and pretty tricky to apply, I applied three coats and still had slight visible nail line,I apllied my Mega Shine top coat and left it as it was for a few days, I hoped for chipping but noooo, so I added a few dots in “Purple Pulse” around the edges of every nail.

Purple Pulse.

This is the only dark polish I brought with me and I love it, it only took two coats and I applied my Rimmel Matte Finish, I was very happy with the results but sadly dented it with my tweezers, I was gonna reapply but decided to make lots of dents. We went crazy golfing the next day and my daughter said my nails looked like a golf ball. Again, no chipping.

Plain Jane.

I wanted something simple on my return and decided to have another go at a French Manicure, this time I used the polish that came with my manicure tool, the Nougat base coat was a nightmare to apply, very watery and streaky, I ended up applying five coats in total, however I do like the finished colour, the white tip polish was super easy to apply and I like how its not an “in your face” white. I have had this on for three days now and its still perfect. I have had lots of lovely comments on these nails, I still need a lot of practice getting the tips straight though, once I get the wtips nailed Im gonna try it with darker colours.

{October 4, 2012}   Rimmel and Revlon..

Here are my nails for today.  Because I have already made two individual posts with my nails this week Im just going to keep on doing so for the rest of this week then it will be back to all in one post on a Monday.

A lot of my nail art orders are starting to turn up and I am keen to try them all and each technique but sadly I am not multi talented and can only manage one new skill at a time., I decided to have another go with the striping tape.

I purchased a few new polishes yesterday and Im keen to try them out so I firstly applied a coat of my trusted Essie’s Fill the Gap base coat followed by two coats of  Rimmel Lasting Finish Double Decker Red, this is red red, it just screams REDDDDD, another coat would have been better as when held to the light my nail line is still visible, I waited for the polish to slighty dry and then applied striping tape on the top left nail corners on my left hand and the top right nail corner and my right hand. I then filled in the corners with Revlons Gold Coin, I only applied one coat and the red just peeks through but I kind of like it, two coats would have been opaque, I then left it to dry overnight and applied my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat this morning.

I’m really not sure about these two colours together but I’d not seen this combination while googling for inspiration, the Gold looks stunning under direct sunlight. Im happy with the striping tape though, it stayed in place and came of easily so Im looking forward toworking with it again.

Facing direct sunlight.

I really did not want to take my wedding manicure off as it was in such good condition and looked so new but I was keen to start working my way through some of my untrieds, I need to stop purchasing polish because Im finding it harder and harder to select colours and ones that I bought because I loved the color now seem a bit blegh. I was reading through the blogs that I follow when I came across Polish Alcohic’s post about The Subtle Shimmers Polish Us Pink Event. Like many others I have lost someone close to me to this awful disease and know many women who are currently bravely battling it and I knew that I had to paint my nails pink and will be doing a pink design on each Monday for the rest of the month.

 I do not have anywhere near the amount of skill as Polish Alcoholic and I reccomend that you follow her blog, even if your not interested in polish her designs will impress you and she gives great advice and always replies.

As it happens I had just purchased Essies – Mod Squad that very day but its a very bright pink and I was worried about it looking too much on every nail so I painted alternating nails with Essies Mod Squad and Muchi Muchi. My striping tape order also arrived yesterday morning and I was very keen to try it out, I was worried about it sticking to the wet polish in places I didnt want so I waited until this morning to stick it on. The tape stuck to everything but my nail, I tried applying a top coat to help stick it down but the tape colour bled tape still peeled away one the top coat dried, despite it not sticking to the nail it still pulled away a good chunk of polish when I removed it. Next time I shall apply when my polish is tacky.

Anyway here is my finished article – go ahead and piss yourself laughing :)

et cetera