{November 25, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #12
View All My Polish and Swatches Here I’ll be updating the page on a weekly basis.
Sadly two of my nails broke this week and they just looked really odd so they all had to be shortened. I took great pleasure in indulging in one of my past disgusting habits, I bit them all down to size! I feel naked with short nails  but it is interesting to see how my polish looks totally different on my stubs.
Monday 26th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
W7 – Lava Flow.
Sally Hansen Super Shine.
Lava Flow is a white polish packed with glitter. One coat would have done but I always apply two, the glitter disperses evenly and the polish has  a decent drying time, the glitter does not feel grainy once its dry which is a mega plus for me, if I can feel the glitter on my nail then it sets my teeth on edge. Eugh!
Tuesday 27th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap
Revlon Matte Suede – Emerald City.
Attitude Matte Top Coat.
Revlon Matte Suede- Emerald City.

Revlon Matte Suede- Emerald City.

I picked this polish up yesterday,  its  a little thicker than the other Revlons I own and suprisingly one coat would have been sufficient, the second really brought the shimmer to life. This polish is not totally matte as I had initally belived. The semi matte finish teamed with the subtle shimmer gives the finished nail a look of velvet which is unlike any other polish I own. The drying time is excellent, I was able to crochet ten minutes after application, normally I have to wait several hours! I applied a matte top coat to see what it would look like totally mattified and although I like both, I prefer the way Revlon intended it to be.  I have a Sally Hansen polish by the same name, I’ll have to compare the colours when I remember.
Wednesday 28th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill the Gap.
Rimmel 60 seconds – Instyle Coral.
 Sally Hansen Super Shine.
I am trying to work my way through my untrieds and I needed something that dried quickly as I left it late to paint my nails. I chose Instyle Coral because its dark enough outside my window without having darkness on my nails. If I have too much darkness around me it affects my mood. I applied two coats but on closer inspection I should have used three, as its pretty streaky, drying time is really great, I had no sheet printsthis morning despite painting my nails only 30 mins before getting into bed, I usually have to paint them a good two hours before bed and even then I regulary get sheet prints. Its handy to know that I can use the 60 Seconds range in a rush.
Thursday 29th November.
Products Used: Fill The Gap.
L.A. Colours – Wired.
L.A. Colours - Wired

L.A. Colours – Wired

Wired is a metallic blue, which is totally opaque in one coat, I cant think of anything bad to say about this polish and I hope the picture does it justice.
Saturday 1st December.
Products Used: Fill The Gap.
Technic Glitters – Bonanza
Technic Glitters - Bonanza.

Technic Glitters – Bonanza.

The wired polish was still going strong so I just added a coat of Bonanza over the top, in the bottle it looks like a blue base with blue glitter but its actually a black base, despite being really watery it had great coverage., and you can see that just one coat totally changed the Wired underneath. This stuff really stinks though so I doubt it will be getting much use.
Sunday 2nd December.
Products Used: Fill The Gap.
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Shocking.
Essie – Nothing Else Metals.
I had another go at stamping today and the results are getting better but are far from perfect. Shocking is a very bright pink/fuscia which lives up to its name.  I doubt I’ll ever use on my hands again, but come Summer time this will be perfect for the feet.

{November 25, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #11
I apologise for the messy nails this week, I’ve been unwell and forgot to take several of my after clean up shots. Every nail polish used this week has been purchased at Poundland :)
Monday 19th November.
Products Used: Essie Ridge Filler.
NYC Expert Last – Late Night Latte.
Max Factor Nailfinity – Extra Glitter.

NYC – Late Night Latte.

I needed to apply three coats of Late Night Latte to get in anywhere near opaque, its frosted finish meant that a lot of brush strokes were visible so to cover this up I painted on two coats of MaxFactors Extra Glitter. The photo with the glitter looked absolute shite so I’m not posting it.
Tuesday 20th November
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat.
Sally hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Without A Stitch And Model Behaviour.
Sally Hansen Super Shine.
This base coat is getting so low that I have to tip it an an awkward angle to get the product on the brush, any tips to make it easier is much appreciated. Without a stitch is a lovely nude polish but I’m not too sure its the right nude for my skin tone so I added blue tips to my nails, I’ll keep this polish to use under others, Without a Stitch is streaky on the first coat but evened out on the second and third, drying took forever. I got a good two days out of this and would have gotten more but I wanted a change.
Thursday 22nd November.
Products Used:  Essie Ridge Filler.
Sinful Colors – Daddy’s Girl.
Sally Hansen Super Shine.

Sinful Colors – Daddy’s Girl – Pre Clean Up, Sorry

I have worn this polish before but was dissappointed as I didnt get a full days wear out of it, however now that I have learnt about base and top coats this lasted really well. Quite watery and streaky and I’m not a big fan of Sinful’s smaller brushes. I found I had to use three coats to even it all out, but I really do love the colour which is hard to catch on camera :( Its a dark purple with subtle shimmer.
Friday 23rd November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap
Sinful Colors – Fly away.
Revlon – Blue Lagoon.
Its anti-bullying awareness week and as part of this scheme my Daughter and her little school chums are going to be wearing blue, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and paint my nails blue. I used Revlon’s Blue Lagoon (the pale one) and Sinful Colors Fly Away, I decided to have another at stamping but it turned out crappy.
Saturday 24th November
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
Sinful Colors – Big Daddy.
Sally Hansen Super Shine.

Sinful Colors – Big Daddy.

I asked my Husband to pick a colour, and he picked orange. I had this in my untrieds so I went for it. The polish is thicker than most of the other Sinful polishes Ive tried which made for a nice smooth opaque application. The colour will look great in Summer as well as Autumn and I cant wait to try stamping with it. Dried pretty quickly.


Monday 12th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap
Essie – Nothing Else Metals.
Essie Carry On.
Essie Instant Dry Oil Protector
Striping Tape.
I have been searching around on the net for some inspiration and I have been admiring the many lattice manicures so thought I’d give it a go. It looked like a lot of work so I decided to do the lattice pattern on every other nail.  I used Nothing Else Metals as a base, and once that was dry I started applying the striping tape, it was very fiddly, luckily I had pre-cut the tape but I had difficulty it making the spaces even so I thought “bollocks to this” and what was meant to be a lattice effect was now going to be a diagonal pattern. Once I had the striping tape in place I painted on two coats of Carry On and waited for my nails to dry, I then removed the tape and was saddened to see it took some polish with it, the end result was a mess, Im going to post the pic so I can look back and learn from my mistakes.  I didn’t bother cleaning my fingers up because it was not staying on.
Tuesday 13th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
Essie Penny Talk.
Calvin Klein – Opus
Sally Hansen Super Shine.
This is one of the best polishes I have used in a long time, usually I don’t like gold on a whole nail but this one is different, its more like a rose gold, Essie could not have named this polish better as its the colour of a newly minted penny, I used to collect shiny pennies as a child and using this brought back happy memories. Its a thick formula and it sets quickly so you need to work fast with this, one coat is opaque but two coats are WOW. I wanted to see how it would look with a more sheer polish layered on top so I put on a coat of Opus on my index finger.
Wednesday 14th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Blue My Mind.
Rimmel Lasting Finish – Disco Ball
I applied two coats of Blue My Mind (which looks more like a purple to the eye) followed by one coat of Disco Ball, I’m not shying away from glitter since discovering the tin foil removal method.  The brush in Disco Ball picked up a lot of glitter and one coat was more than enough.
Thursday 15th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Terracotta
Sally Hansen Super Shine.
Today I wanted something natural so I chose Terracotta. I am in love with shade and hope it lasts a few days so I can keep it on, its grown-up and natural looking, I cant wait to try the other shades in the range. The formula is just the right consistency, the brush reminds me of the ones in Insta-Dri range, I found it picked up too much liquid for me so I had to wipe the excess off often.
Friday 15th November.
Today is “Children In Need” in the UK,  I will be donating via my Daughter’s school, she will be wearing her pyjamas to school for the day, she is so happy about this as she almost lives in her pj’s. I wanted to show my support by painting Children In Need’s mascot Pudsey Bear on my nails.  I just removed the polish from my ring finger from yesterdays manicure and copied an image from a Google search. The bear was super easy to paint on. What do you think.
Saturday 16th November.
Products Used:
Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat.
Calvin Klein – Opus
Attitude Matte Top Coat.
This is one of the most awkward polishes to use, it has a square lid which needs to be held on the diagnol in order for the brush to lay flat on the nail, the brush itself is tiny and, because of the lid shape you have to tilt you head to see what you are doing.  The bristles are shit quality and bend over on themselves, it also does not pick up enough product to coat the nail withour re-dipping. I expected much more from Calvin Klein. The colour itself is great but not worth the aggro, I applied a Matte top coat but I think I liked it better shiney.

I recently received a sample of Benefit’s Benetint free with Glamour magazine and I enjoyed using it, I wanted to purchase the – product and went out shopping with the intention of picking this up, whilst browsing around Superdrug I found 2True’s Rose cheek ‘n’ lip tint, a product which looked very similar to Benetint and at £1.99 its a fraction of the price.  2True is a brand sold in Superdrug, they have a wide range of products from foundation to false eye-lashes, each item is priced at £1.99 or three items for £4.99. I had nothing to lose by giving the tint a go before committing to purchasing Benefits product. Below are my comparisons.
Benefit’s Benetint retails at around £25 for 12.5ml and 2True’s tint costs £1.99 for 10 ml.  Both are for use on the lips and cheeks to add a flush of natural colour. I had no intention of using these on my cheeks but I tested it and the results were anything but natural so I have included arm swatches instead. They are both contained in a round glass bottle similar to nail polish, Benefit’s offering comes packaged in a cardboard box, 2True’s just comes as it is.
 Benetint is the product on the left.

Held up to the light (murky British sky)  you can see that there is very little difference in the colour of each product. Both have a nail polish style brush for application.

Benetint on the left.

Here is where the differences start, 2True’s applicator looks much neater and longer but when it came to using them I found Benefit’s applicator performed better, its much stiffer so the fluid applies evenly, 2True’s is softer and bends when any pressure is put on so you need to apply this using the flat side of  the brush and then drag it across the lips, which sounds much more fiddly than it actually is.
Both fluids are Rose scented, Benefit’s is a stronger scent and lasts longer, I love Rose scented products but not on items that I plan to use on my face, I don’t like smelling my make up, so I prefer 2True’s version for the aroma.
I was unable to make both products work on my cheeks, which I think is down to me and not the products, so I’ve tested them on my arm. There is a slight difference in the consistencies of both formulas, Benetint’s is a little thicker and dries quickly, 2True’s formula takes a few second longer to dry, the picture below shows two swipes of both products and my attempt at blending. Benetint is on the left and you can see that its spread out quite and totally dry, if you plan to use this one on your cheeks you need to work quickly, 2True on the right blended a little easier as it stayed wetter longer but I was still unable to get a “natural” look as it dried unevenly.  I didn’t plan to ever use this on my cheeks but if I did I would be disappointed in both products.

Benetint on left.

To test staying power I used a slightly damp flannel and a medium amount of pressure, I was quite surprised that Benetint came clean off whilst 2True held its ground, although it faded slightly, it’s clearly visible.
Both products apply easily on the lips and I used two coats of each for the swatches.  Because of the thinner formula of 2True’s (on the right) tint it felt like the liquid was running down my face, but when I checked I was pleased to see it had stayed in place. Because of Benetints quicker drying time the finished look appears a little patchy, something I hadn’t noticed before as I had nothing to compare it to.  Benetint also made my lips feel dry, when wearing 2True’s product my lips felt like I had nothing on. I like the finished look of 2True’s product more, it looks more natural in my opinion.

Benetint on the left, 2True on the right.

I am glad that I found 2True’s product as other than the soft brush I cant find any fault with it and find it performs better than Benefit’s more expensive tint. As you can probably guess, I didn’t purchase Benefit’s Benetint.




I purchased the following magazines from my local newsagents, they both came with freebies, here’s what I think of them.
Marie Claire – £3.80
There is a choice of two free gifts with Decembers issue of Marie Claire, you can either have a sample sized Jemma Kidd Face Primer or a full sized Jemma Kidd mascara, I spotted one magazine amongst the shelves with both products in so I quickly grabbed it. I’ve not really heard much about the Jemma Kidd brand but a quick mooch online showed that her products are pricey so I had high hopes for these freebies.
The primer is a thickish clear gel formula with a strong floral odour, I put a very thin layer on my mush and instantly felt uncomfortable, although it was dry my face felt sticky and tight. This claims to lift your face so that may explain the tightness all though I didnt see any visible results. I hate sticky hands and now I know I hate a sticky face and removed this straight away. I’ll be passing this along to a friend
The Mascara is black and comes with a big chunky bristles wand, which I found awkward to use. I had difficulty getting the brush to coat my inner and outer corner lashes and ended up with product on my face.
As far as appearence  goes it was just bog standard, nothing special but also nothing bad. It does not say anywhere on the packaging that its waterproof but I had a hell of a time removing and I still had traces on my lover lash line (where I didnt apply it) the next morning. It sort of comes of in smudgy clumps. Not worth the effort for an average performing mascara, this will also be passed on to a mate.
Cosmopolitan – £3.60
This months Cosmo comes free with a full sized 100ml V05 Smoothly Does It hair product. which is designed to prevent frizz when using hair straighteners. I’ve not used this yet as I am cutting back my use of my GHD’s  but the texture feels silky soft and it smells absolutley gorgeous. I’m looking forward to trying this out. I’m not sure of the official retail price but I saw it in Boyes today for £4.50.
Also within the pages is a sachet sample for Nivea Express Hydration Primer and samples of Rimmel’s new match perfect foundation in six shades, I love how Rimmel have done this,  usually samples like this are all supplied in one shade and they are always too dark for me so I don’t never go on to purchase but with this I can match the shade and will be more likely to purchase it.

{November 11, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #9

Tuesday 6th November.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap

Rimmel 60 Seconds – Camouflage.

Essie – Navigate Her.

Essie – Case Study.

Sinful Colors – Last Chance.

Sally Hansen Super Shine.

Nail Art Brushes.

My metallic dotty manicure lasted well so I didn’t need to do my nails yesterday, and for today I wanted to mess about with nail art, I decided to try a camouflage look after reading 2girlsandsomepolish’s blog, its something I had been wanting to try for a while but I kept putting it off as it looked difficult and a bit of a chew on, I originally was going to use a dotting tool but decided on using just my nail art brushes for the camo effect. I painted all my nails in Camouflage Green (apt name) execpt my ring finger, on which I applied two coats of Essie’s Navigate Her, I then used my nail art brushes to blob on the other colours randomly.

I was suprised at how easy, simple and quick this was to do and wish I’d used Navigate Her as a base on all my nails as I’d have done every finger this way. I reckon this design would be easy to do with the non dominant hand as you can’t really make a mistake.

Wednesday 7th November.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.

Rimmel 60 Seconds – Desert Beauty.

Rimmel 60 Seconds – Shocker.

Sally Hansen Super Shine.

Not really excited about todays nails, I applied 3 coats of Desert Beauty on top of my base coat, it applied evenly but after three coats was still very sheer, not what it looks like in the bottle at all. I’ll use this as a top layer in future, despite its sheerness a lot of brush strokes were still visible. I intended to paint flowers on them using Shocker but my little girl suggested hearts. I painted a v and my little girl said they would do so I basically left it at that.

Thursday 8th November.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.

Rimmel 60 Seconds – Sky High.

Sally Hansen Super Shine.

I live in the UK and sunshine is rare here, even in Summer, but sometimes it comes out and the clouds piss off and the sky is the most beautiful shade of blue, the colour of this polish matches that shade perfectly and it made me even happier when it applied like a dream, two coats, totally opaque and dried quickly. The photo really does not do this colour justice, the sun is no where to be seen lately and my flash goes off even outdoors its that muggy :(

Friday 9th November.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.

Rimmel 60 Seconds – Magnetise.

Sally Hansen Super Shine.

I really don’t like the Super Shine as a top coat, there is nothing actually bad about it, I just loved the Mega Shine so much and this seems crap in comparison. I’m sad that its empty. I’m gonna use all this up though before I buy another Mega Shine. Today I used Rimmel’s Magnetise, another bleugh. It would be lovely if I could get it opaque, I have used three coats here and its still a bit sheer. I didn’t have the time to do more but one day I will try more coats as I love the colour, easy to apply and dried quickly.

Sunday 11th November.

Products Used: Rimmel 60 Seconds – Magnetise.

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Double Decker Red.

Boots Natural Collection – French Tip White.

Pink Tease Mini – Black

Avon Color Trend Glitters – Fuscia Dazzle.

With today being Remembrance Sunday there was no question that I would be (attempting) to include poppies in todays nails. Its the very very least I can do to thank all the brave people who have given their lives for me to be here, and to thank the brave men and women who continue to do so. I have been wearing my poppy with pride and have one pinned to each jacket and bag I own and have donated to many charities also. I’m saddened to see less and less people wearing the poppies with each passing year.

I applied another three coats of Magentise to freshen up Fridays nails, there was minor signs of tip wear and no chipping which is great considering I didn’t use a top coat, I then used my dotting tools to dot on a couple of poppies on both middle fingers, I applied two coats of Avon’s Color Trend Fuscia Dazzle on the rest of my fingers. This was really tricky to work with as the glitter did not stick to the brush so I had to dab it on, its still dried evenly with no grainy texture and it dried quickly too.

I bought this product without actually knowing anything about the product. It cost me £10 for 10ml on my flight to Majorca. I purchased it as the blurb in the airline brochure intrigued me. This products is meant to strengthen, lengthen and thicken lashes. I’m pretty happy with my lashes but I’m willing to try anything that may enhance them.

Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash 10ml

Double Lash is a product made in Switzerland, its a nutritive treatment which claims the natural ingredients gives brightness and thickness to the lashes, you can also use this product on eyebrows to help them grow back in although I’ve not tried that yet.

  The formula is a white odourless liquid housed in a sturdy little glass bottle, however the label covers most of the glass so unless you peel it off, you cant see how much of the fluid is remaining.   Instructions for usage are super simple, you simply apply at night to clean lashes (or eyebrows). You apply it in the same manner as you would mascara, if this product does as it claims then you should see visible results within 30 days.  The bristles on the wand could do with being a bit softer as I found them a little scratchy when putting the wand close to my roots and bottom lashes.

If you should get any product into your eyes you simply blink it away and it does not sting or irritate the eyeballs should this happen, so you can place the wand right into the tricky to reach places without fear of blinding yourself.

I have been using this product religiously for five weeks now, applying to my lashes each night in addition to my usual routine. All the images have been taken indoors with a flash. Below is a shot of my lashes before I started using Double-Lash. I’m wearing no products on my eyes or the surrounding area and have not used lash curlers.

I found Double-Lash very easy to use and it literally took seconds, the fluid is still visible above the label so this is going to last a while. During my usage I noticed less lash fallout and my lashes looked darker in appearance, Im not too sure that they looked thicker but about two weeks in my Husband commented that my lashes looked “massive”  and my Husband never notices anything, so something about them must have looked different. My lashes felt and looked healthier than usual and my mascara glides on my lashes now. The image below is a shot of my lashes as they are now, taken yesterday in the same conditions as the before shot and again I’ve not used any curlers and I’m not wearing any products.

The lashes in the centre of my lid appear to have grown higher than the crease in my lid than in the first shot. My lashes also feel super soft. I will continue to use this product until it runs out ( which will be quite a way off) as I’m more than happy with the results that I have had. What do you guys think? Can you see a difference?

Just for fun I thought I would see what difference mascara would make, I had just purchased Great Lash by Maybelline so thought I’d try that.  The only products I’m wearing is a bit of brown eyeshadow and Great Lash mascara and to be kind of consistent I didnt use any curlers.

{November 6, 2012}   October Purchases.

Purchases Made During October.

I’m hoping to not spend as much this month as I did in September, however its my birthday on the 8th and I now have my heart set on the Urban Decay smoked palette.  I’d like to be able to add up the total and not feel guilty but I know it wont be happening.

Week 1 (1st – 7th October)

Nail Art Striping Tape – £1.95 for ten different coloured rolls from Ebay – Free Postage

Nail Art 3d Stickers – £2.43 for 15 assorted sheets from Ebay – Free Postage.

No7 Ultimate Nail Kit – £3.50 + £3 P&P from Ebay

Nail Art 5x double ended dotting pens – £2.65 from Ebay. Free Postage

Urban Decay Naked 2 – £21 from Ebay Auction – Original reciept supplied.

Attitude Professional Grade Matte Top Coat- £4.25 from Ebay.

She Said Beauty Box – £11.95

Rimmel lasting Finish – Misty Jade – £1.99 in local chemists.

Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat – Reduced to £1.14 in Tesco

Loccitane Rose Petal Hand Cream – Free with Marie Claire – £3.70

Benetint Sample – Free with instyle magazine – Special price £2.50 in Tesco

Revlon – Gold Coin – £1.50 in The Original Factory Shop

Essie – Mod Squad – £2.99 in The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Purple Pulse – £1.99 in local Chemists

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Double Decker Red – £1.99 in local Chemists.
Been after this for a while so was happy to see it reduced :)

Week 2 8th – 14th oct.

Double Lash – £10 on flight to Palma.

Wynie Blushes – 1 euro each in Majorca

Compact mirror – 4 euros in Majorca.

Liz Earl Cleans and Polish – Free with Red Magazine at Newcastle Airport – approx £4

Easy Paris Blue Glitter Top Coat – 2 Euros
Easy Paris Pink Hearts Top Coat – 2 Euros.
From Majorca

Yes Love Blue Glow In The Dark Polish – 2 Euros in Majorca.

Week 3 15th – 21st

Set Of 12 Stamping Plates and Five Dotting Pens – $12 from BornPretty website.

Missguided Lipsplash Lipgloss – Peace – Free with Cosmopolitan – £3.50

Rimmel Lipstick – Nude Bronze – £1 in The Factory Shop.

Week 4   22nd –  28th

Left To Right
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Silver Bullet – 89p-Boyes
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Coral Crush – 89p – Boyes
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Star Kissed – 89p – Boyes
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Instyle Coral – 89p- Boyes
Sinful Colours – Aqua – £1 in Poundland.
Colortrend Glitters – £1.99 – Avon Brochure.

2True Rose Lip and Cheek Stain – £1.99 – Superdrug.

Make Up Academy Blush With Free Gloss Tube – £1 – Superdrug.

Lord And Berry Soft Shine Lipstick – Black Cherry – £1 in Poundland

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lipsticks – Garnet,Plum Rose and Black Cherries – £1 each in Poundland.

Nail Art Brushes set of 12 – £2 – Ebay.

Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner – £2 – Ebay.

Colortrend Lipsticks – Glisten and Gleam – £1.99 each in Avon.

{November 4, 2012}   Nails Of Week # 8

Monday 29th October.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat

Rimmel Lycra Pro – Jungle Princess.

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear – Pumpkin Spice.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

On removing Sally Hansens Brisk Blue I was horrified to discover the worse staining I have ever seen in my life, I wore a base coat and they still stained badly, my nails have a puke-worthy highly obvious blue tinge to them, I was gonna leave them bare and bullshit that they were a halloween affect but I’m a rubbish liar, anyway I knew that I would have to wear a dark colour to cover up the awfulness so I chose Jungle Princess by Rimmel. Its a melted chocolate brown colour with subtle pink micro shimmer throughout. It also has the big curved flat applicator which you’ll probably know I love.

I applied two coats of my Essie base coat (to be safe) to try and dull the blue tinge, then two coats of Jungle Princess. One coat was opaque but I applied two for good measure. I love the colour but I thought my Pumpkin Spice would good over this so applied one coat on my ring finger and I asked the girl whos opinion I respect the most, my seven year old Daughter haha, she thought I should do all my nails with the glitter so I obedientley applied two coats of Pumpkin Spice on all my nails and topped it off with a coat of Mega Shine. I love the end result.

The formula of Pumpkin Spice was quite watery and the brush very thin but suprisingly it picked up a lot of glitter and distributed it evenly. I cant wait to try  this over different colours.

Tuesday 30th October.

Products Used: Essie Base Coat.

Revlon Top Speed – Royal.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

This is a truly lovely formula to work with and I love the colour, its the third time I’ve worn this one now, its one of the few bottles that I keep at the front of my storage so I can easily reach it. Its a gel consistency that glides on the nail with ease, under light the depth of the blue really shows and I recieved two lovely comments on my nails from total stangers today which really cheered me up. The camera picked up some visible nail line but its not visible in real life in any light. I applied two coats and I was tempted to mattify it but then thought better of it. This was a bargain at only £1 and I’m keen to try others in the range.

Wednesday 31st October.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat.

Nails Inc – Elizabeth Street (Free with current issue of Glamour magazine)

I really wanted to do some kind of Halloween manicure but knew I could not compete with all the other bloggers works of art and after several failed practice attempts I could not be arsed to fart around so I chose to wear my Nails Inc polish that I got free with Glamour magazine today. I have heard an awful lot about this brand and at £11 per bottle its out of my price range so I was pretty excited to get to try a product from this brand.

Firstly I had major difficulty opening the bottle, the lid sort of bent in with any pressure and made it extremely difficult to twist off, it suddenly gave way and the whole bottle and brush went flying. Luckily no product was lost and the brush  landed on my tiled floor so no damage done. On opening the bottle I was shocked at the strong odour, its the same odour as other polishes but stronger, I guess I expected a pleasant odour from a posh polish, one the first coat the polish lokked watery and streaky but the second and third coat fixed this, however after the third coat the colour was still pretty sheer and I ended up with five coats in total and my nail line was still visible, despite the amount of coats the polish dried quickly but I was dissappointed to see a lot of bubbling, really not a good performance for a polish that retails at £11, I may try the red one and see if that is any better.

Thursday 1st November.

Products Used: W7 Crackle – Shocking.

Sally Hansen Super Shine.

Boy oh boy am I ill today. Basically I whacked on a coat of W7’s crackle top coat in shocking, over the top of yetserdays Elizabeth Street, this stuff stinks to high heaven (and thats saying something as my nostrils are bunged up) but it went on really nicely despite looking gloopy on the brush, I finished it off with a coat of Sally Hansen’s Supershine.

Friday 2nd November.

Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Rapid Ruby.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

I must be nuts using the insta-dri again but I’d like to see if this one stains as much as Brisk Blue did, I applied two coats over my base coat and finished off with a coat of Mega Shine.

Saturday 3rd November.

Products Used: Fill The Gap Base Coat.

Pink Tease Minis -Ghastly Grey and Pongy Purple.

Essie Instant Dry Oil Protector.

I’m trying to work my way through my untrieds so today I used two mini bottles from a set of six by the brand Pink Tease. These were super cheap and cost me £1.99 for the full set in Boyes. There is no shade name on the bottle or number so I just made the names up. This polish stinks, really bad, its like a chemical mix of tar and sulphur, I actually got a headache from usuing this stuff, the brush was of a shitty quality and made applying the gloopy formula difficult, I only need two coats and it dried very quickly.

Sunday 4th November.

Products Used: Fill the Gap Essie Base Coat.

Bourjois Second Per Nail – Pearly Black.

Revlon – Gold Coin.

LA Colours – Metallic Silver.

I started with two coats of Bourjois. Its a black polish with hints of silver and purple shimmer, which as usual the camera fails to pick up. Two coats gave total coverage, I then took my dotting pen and dotted large gold circles on alternating nails, and then large silver dots on the other nails, using the smaller end of my dotting tools I made smaller silver circles alongside the large gold ones and vice versa with the other nails. My 7 year old called them “groovy”. No top coat was used as my Mega Shine is empty :( I’m going to purchase a new one tomorrow I hope.

I think I like the dots and Pumpkin Spice the best.

{November 3, 2012}   My November She Said Beauty Box.

I’ve been waiting for the bloody post man to bring my She Said Beauty Box ever since I got the e-mail on the 31st October to say it had been dispatched. My Daughter was more excited than me when he finally knocked at the door with it today, she wants the “hay” for her Littlest Pet Shop animals to eat and sleep in.

After last months box of bullshit, this one had to make me happy or it was getting cancelled and I’m glad to say I am pleased with my products and I’m very happy to see three full sized products in the box. The box costs £9 per month plus postage (£2.90 ish) Here’s a quick run through of what I got.

Collection 2000 – Primed And Ready Smoothing Make-Up Primer.

This is a full sized product which retails at £5.99 for 18ml, I’m happy to see this in my box as I almost purchased it a few weeks ago but went the make-up fixer spray instead. I’m not too sure other subscribers will be happy with this as it was in the Septembers box. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Collection 2000 is now called Collection and they have old branded stock to get rid of? I dunno.  It has a shelf life of 24 months which is good as the primers I use at the moment only have 6 months. There is also a little promo leaflet with instructions on how to use.

Yardley London – English Daisy Eau De Toilette

This is a 1ml sized sample in one of those awful testube type packaging things. I hate these tubes, I always end up wasting so much product or I get it all over my hands as the pressure of the cap releasing makes the bottle jerk and the contents fly if that makes sense. Its florally fraganced and strong on the first sniff but once its settled its quite nice. A full sized bottle costs £9.99 for 50ml or £14.95 for 125ml which is reasonable, I may just buy this if I get along with the sample.

Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Night Cream.

This is a 5ml sample and a full sized tube will cost £14.95 for 30ml, a discount code is included, its a nice trick to bung the sample in a box to make it look like you’re getting more than you actually are, having said that its a better sized sample than last months stuff. A little goes a long way with this and I’ll get at least a weeks worth of use out of it, its strongly scented of roses but there is also a hint of burnt matches in there. I’m a big fan of floral scented stuff just not on my face.  I will probably put this in my night bag for travelling but doubt I’d purchase it.

So…? For me Body Fragrance.

Another 75ml  full sized product worth £1.99, I usually purchase the Impulse body sprays and literally just emptied a tin today so this has come at the perfect moment, I’m undecided on the smell as its so different from anything I normally buy and I can’t quite describe it but I will use it all up. The In Love version looks nicer its its pink bottle with a heart so I think I’ll end up purchasing that one.

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo and Conditioner.

Full sized shampoo is £11.85 for 300ml and conditioner is £13.40 for 250ml. I don’t understant how the conditioner costs more for less product and I doubt this is something I’d purchase as I always use more conditioner than shampoo and it’s one of my peeves to have uneven amounts of stuff. Silly I know but there ya go. Thes are 10ml foil sachets. I will probably get three uses out of this and I’m more than happy to try them as I have heard very good things about the brand. A squeezy tube would have been better in my opinion, discount code and reduced treatment at a Salon code included.

Makebelieve Luminize Skin Highlighter.

Another full sized product worth £7.50 for 2ml. There was a chance of recieving a bronzer, lipgloss or highlighter and I’m really please I got the highlighter as I don’t like bronzers and I have tons of Lipgloss already. Its nice sturdy packaging and definatley something I will use. On first glance it looks like a powder bit its actually a cream, Iis a bit too shimmery for me to use on my cheeks but looks lovely on my upper lid. This product has made my box worth it. A 30 % discount code for further purchases included which I will be checking out.

BONUS ITEM – Murray’s Manicure Matchbook Nail Files.

A full sized product which retails at £1.99. This contains 15 mini nail files which I will be dividing into three and popping  in various bags and coat pockets.

The full sized products in this months box come to £15.48 or £17.47 including the nail files which makes this months great value. If my future boxes are similar to this then I’ll be very happy to subscribe forever….

et cetera