I go to Poundland at least once a week. I am lucky to have a Poundland and a Poundworld within a short distance for me. There is something about those places that draws me in. I have picked up many fantastic cosmetic items from there, all of which I’ll tell you about over the next few weeks but today I wanted to share with you my Stila products that I picked up last week. These items are still in stock in my local poundland (not the lipgloss) but are growing very small in numbers, so I would be quick if you want to get your hands on these.  See the end of post for the give away.


I skipped all the way home with these purchases in my bag. I have done some swatches for you, I’m not sure if swatches are something people want to see, if they are too boring please let me know.

Tinted Moisturiser. £1 each in Poundland.

I love the pretty little cardboard box these come in, so girly and pretty. They only had two shades of this in stock but I believe other stores have a wider selection, I picked up three in light 03 and one in dark 02. These are full size bottles with a lot of product in. The spf of 30 is pretty impressive and its also oil free, another bonus. I like the solid plastic tube, its sturdy so I know it wont get squashed in my bag and it looks very posh stood up on my dressing table (a manky chest of drawers with a very old mirror). Originally I found squeezing the product out very tricky as the tube is pretty stiff and on my first use I squirted way too much product out, I now know to give a light squeeze to the very top of the tube, this gives me more control of the amount product that comes out.

Swatches: as I said I picked this up in a light shade and a dark shade, I was hoping the dark shade may be suitable for my skin once I have a tan. Both images are taken outdoors with no flash, the light is on the left and dark on the right.

There is a very big difference between the shades and no way is the dark one ever going to work on my skin tone, this is what they look like after blending.

I love love love the light shade and have been wearing this everyday since purchase, I am so glad I picked up back ups as only the dark shade is left in Poundland now. I just wished I picked up a couple more tubes. For £1 this is a total bargain.


Angelic Lightening Powder Foundation. £1 each in Poundland

These are compact refills but I find the plastic packaging this comes in perfect for storage, you also get a sponge apllicator which I have not pictured for fear of shame, they are grubby and need cleaning. I picked up three of these and did not realise they were different shades until I got home. I have two shade e’s and a b. I knew that the lighter shade would be fine but the dark one looked alarmingly like the dark shade of moisturiser, however they apply much lighter than they appear and both shades will work on me at various times of the year and they also have a spf of  26 which is great. I’m one happy bunny.

Reading some reviews on these products I learnt that they were initially only available in Asia, they were intended to lighten darker skin tones, not sure how true that is ( cant believe everything you read etc) but I find it hard to believe that these would look good/ blend well on very dark tones as they seem so light.

Swatches, as before the lighter shade is on the left, which you can hardly see and the darker one only just. I’m hoping this works perfect when I tan a little. Image taken outdoors without a flash. I also think I need to consider an arm wax :)

Eyeshadow Palette. £1 in Poundland.

Do I own any Stila eyeshadows? No, but I could not resist buying one of these. Its basically an empty eyeshadow palette with four circles with a magnetic base for you to put your own shadows in.

The case itself is very sturdy and the size of the mirror is more than adequate. You can see your whole face and neck so it would be easy to apply you whole face make up with this and I love the idea that you customise the palette with four shades of your own choice (I know its not a new idea but I’m new to make up and still easily impressed) It could be improved by having a space for an applicater but I am very happy with it for £1, now all I need is some shadows to put in it. I have several cheapy ones kicking around which at some point I will try in this. Fingers crossed they fit.

Stila It Gloss – The Original Factory Shop – 25 pence.

Yes you read correctly, this little tube of lovliness cost me only 25 pence. I almost passed out with excitement when I saw it looking lonely in the discount box amongst crumbly shadows and odd splodged tubes of foundation. The product was fully sealed and only needed a wipe then it was as good as new. I rummaged and rummaged but shade Angel was the only one there. I guess i was pushing my luck hoping to find more.

The packaging is pretty cute and the wand has a bristled brush for application, I personally prefer the sponge tipped wands but for 25p you wont hear me complaining. In the tube the formula looks like a sparkly white, this teamed with packaging reminds me of christmas,  I dont know how I came to that but my mind works funny sometimes.

As with the other Stila products I expected this to have a spf but no it didn’t, nevermind. As you can see from the swatch the formula looks pretty thick. It felt very sticky on my arm and took a good scrub to remove it.

Thanfully the pigment really dulled down when I applied it to my lips, white lips is not agreat look on me, image taken outdoors with no flash.

I love it and think this would work great as a top coat over some of my other dryish lipsticks. It is odourless and tastless which I like, some smelly glosses put me off wearing them. I wore it for a good three hours before it wore away. This is one product that is definatley coming with me on holidays.



Because the Stila Tinted Moisturiser in Warm (Dark 02) is never ever going to work on me I’m going to give it away, it has only had the product for the swatch squeezed out so is still full.

All I ask is that you leave a comment to say you have followed the blog and would like to enter, on Saturday 1st september I will draw a follower’s name from a hat (very hi-tech) and that person can have it.

I’ll post this overseas so it is open to everyone and anyone. Good Luck.






{August 20, 2012}   Attitude Tinted Lip Balm.

Whilst browsing in Poundland the packaging of this product grabbed my attention. I am a sucker for anything pink and these just screamed – ” BUY ME”  – so I did. Seeing as these were only £1 each I can justify my purchase to myself by arguing that other tinted lip balms can cost more than £4 for one.

There was four shades to choose from, Dewberry ( a dark purple ) Chocolate ( a rich brown ) Raspberry ( a reddish pink) and Bubblegum ( a very light pink) they also had a green tea tree concealer in the range but my skin does not like tea tree so I left that one behind. I love the clear cap which allows you too see the colour of the product, many of the tinted lip balms I have purchased in the past do not allow you to do this until the cap is removed. Not a problem in Boots but Poundland dont do testers.

I am planning a trip to Spain soon and figured that these would be ideal for daytime wear on the beach however on reading the packaging further when I got home I realised there is no spf. I cant really complain about that for the price but if it something important to you, you’ll have to take that into account before purchasing. I also love the fact that these were desginded and produced in England, I’m not sure why but it eased my guilt about buying items I dont really need.

They have a slight smell (chocolate smells of chocolate etc) but its not too overpowering and dissappears shortly after applying. they have no taste  They do feel quite moist on the lips but that is what I want as I’ll be wearing them in heat. After applying the Dewberry I had a cup of coffee and a cigarette and was pretty impressed to see it still there, however after my second cup an hour later there was only a slight cast left. It lasted for almost two hours but would have been longer had I not drunk coffee and smoked. Not bad staying power for the price.

On to the swatches. The first image is taken without a flash, the second image is with flash.  From left to right Chocolate, Dewberry, Raspberry,Bubblegum.


As you can see the Dewberry and Raspberry are the most pigmented. The chocolate is not too bad but judging the pruduct in the tube I was expecting a lot more colour. I’m pretty dissappointed with the Bubblegum as it barely shows up. They apply sheer so if you want a lot of colour I’d give these a miss but for just a hint of shine and colour they are perfect. I’d reccomend the Dewberry and Raspberry.

Which tinted lip balm would you reccomend?

I have been reading a  lot of positive things about the Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover but at a retail price of £5.99 I could not justify spending that on what is essentially nail varnish remover. The idea is really great and not something I have ever seen before so I was really happy when I came across these babies. I purchased the Nail Drying Spray and the Twist and Out varnish remover from “The Original Factory Shop” at £1 each and the Cuticle Revitalizer from Poundland for £1 (obviously) but I have seen all three in Poundland since purchasing the first two items.

Pretty Perfect: Twist And Out Instant Nail Polish Remover.

On opening the smell is very strong, like your typical nail varnish remover, inside the conatainer is a sponge with a finger shaped hole in it. You simply stick your finger in, give it a twist and when you pull it out the varnish is supossed to be gone.

The varnish I was wearing at the time was a Sinful Colors slightly glittery orange shade (from poundland) so away I went.

Pretty impressive I think. It took less than a minute to remove the varnish from my whole hand, it would normally take at least that per finger using regular varnish remover. I cant compare it to the Bourjois one as I have never used it but for £1 this works amazingly well. The sponge inside is very very wet and you get the product all up your finger so I would reccomend hand washing straight away, and make sure you close the lid securley and store upright as this fell over in my drawer and leaked some liquid. I have been using this product for several weeks now, almost daily and there is still plenty of use left in it.  Its not so good removing heavily glitterd polish and sadly my big fat toes will not fit in so I’m not giving up the bottled remover just yet but I do plan to repurchase this item.

Cuticle Revitalizer.

I picked this up on a whim after being happy with the Twist and Out. The packaging is easy to use, you simply twist the bottom until the fluid comes out of the brush and apply over cuticles and nail, leave for a few mins and then wrap the wooden stick in a little cotton wool and push back the cuticles. Rinse off and your done.

I like the clear base of the pen so that you can see how much product you have left The liquid itself is clear and of an oily texture and has a scent of apricots, which was refreshing after the remover fumes. It felt nice on my nails and did a great job softening the cuticles. I’ll most likely repurchase.

Nail Drying Spray.

I usually apply my polish at night as I think it allows it set before I have to do boring household stuff but to give this stuff a fair test I applied it on a morning. I had a base coat, four coats of colour and a top coat, totalling 6 coats, usually that would take hours to dry properly.This claims to work with most varnishes so I hoped mine was one of them.  I sprayed this all over my nails and the first thing I noticed was the smell. Not very nice and it clings to the back of your throat.  The spray itself left no residue on my nails and I did a quick touch test after five minutes and was impressed to see that no thumb print was left in my polish. I managed to vacuum, apply my make up, brush my Daughters very very long hair and change bedding without smudging my nails. Sadly the awful odour lasted long after the varnish had dried which has put me right off using  the product again.  It works great but the smell is way to overpowering for me, I would not recommend using this around children or pets. I’ll have to be desperate for quick drying nails to use this again. I highly doubt I will be repurchasing.

What is your favourite nail product? What is you experience with drying products?

{August 19, 2012}   Chit Chat Gel Eyeliner

Product: Chit Chat Gel Eyliner and Applicater  –  Use within 6 months of opening.

Price: £1

Available at: Poundland.

One of my most favourite items of cosmetics is eyeliner. I love love love it.  I have been keen to get my hands on a gel eye liner so you can imagine my delight when I came across this product in “Poundland”

CHIT CHAT is Poundland’s own brand of cosmetics and depending on which store you use they have a great selection of products from concealer to nail varnish. This is not the first item I purchased from the range and I will review the other items very soon.

As you can guess this product cost £1 for the gel eyeliner and the brush. The only shade I saw was black.  I actually bought this about a week ago and on first application I was very impressed with the pigment, the brush is pretty good quality and makes applying very easy, you can get right into the lash line.  The applicater picks up just the right amount of product and it glides on like silk, the eyeliner itself is odour free. Everything looked promising. so far so good, however when I looked in the mirror about half an hour later the liner had transfered to the top of my lids and had dulled down to a greyish colour. Not good.

I was ready to throw the product into the bin or give it away when I read about setting gel eyeliner with an eye shadow, like I have said, I am new to the world of make up and still have an awful lot to learn. Sooo I gave this another go and I have to say it has made a very big difference. I am now in love with this eye liner. I applied the liner with the included applicater and then pressed a small amount of black eye shadow over the top using a brow brush that I had knocking around. This intensified the colour and stopped it tranferring to my upper lid.  I didn’t wear any mascara or any other products for the shots in the hope you could see how black this eyeliner appears, and of course the camera has picked up every hair and wrinkle on my face and made them look much much worse.

I have now been wearing this for over three hours and it looks as good as it did when I first applied it. I am so thankful that I read the tip about setting the gel eyeliner as this product would be lying in the bottom of bin somewhere.

I was not planning on going anywhere today so decided to have a bit of an experiment with my eyeshadows (which I applied on top of the eyliner) and this is what I came up with. What’s you honest opinion?

Which shades of eyeshadow do you think work well together?


I have been wanting to jump on the BB bandwagon for a long time now. I have spent a lot of time reading online reviews to find a good quality one that was within my price range and I settled on Boots 17 Blemish Balm. Not only does this product have some good reviews but it is currently on sale at the reduced price of £5.99 for 30 ml instead of £6.99. That price is reasonable enough but Boots also have a promotion running where if you spend £5.99 on the 17 range you also get a free”Get Bronzed” make up box.  A fantastic deal I think.



The Blemish Balm itself came in light and medium, I’m not sure if these are the only shades in the range or if its all they had out on the shelves. I chose the light shade. I really could not wait to try this out and did not wear any make up so that when I got home I could apply it straight away.

The product has a spf of 25 which is a bonus for me as I burn very easily. The packaging is sturdy and small enough to fit into a handbag. i found the plastic tube a little difficult to squeeze and ended up squirting quite a bit of product out. As soon as the liquid came out I was shocked at how dark it seemed, considering this is meant to be a light shade.

I then spent a few seconds rubbing into my skin and it almost vanished.

I could have blended more but my arms are much darker than my facial skin and I was so excited to get this stuff onto my face. You only need a small amount of this stuff as I found it goes a really long way. So off I went dabbing and blending into my skin and then when finished I looked into the mirror and felt dissappointed. Yes it evened out my skin but thats about it. It didn’t seem to do anything other than my tinted moisturiser does. I applied the rest of my make up as normal and although it is nice to wear, I was not amzed by it. After a few hours my skin looked really shiny, a problem I have never had before, so I can only assume its this product, which is funny considering it claims to control oil. I really want this product to work so I am going to give it the four weeks to fullfil its claims on the box.

All was not lost though, I still had my free beauty box with some impressive contents.

A full size 17 Ultimate Volume Gloss – Shade “In The Nude” 8ml

A full size 17 Eyes shadow – Shade “Statuesque”

17 Limited Edition Bronzed Cream blush.

First swatch image is indoors without flash and the second is outdoors without flash. From Right to left: gloss, blush,shadow.


As you can see the formula of the gloss is pretty shiny, but when applied to lips it loses a little. Its quite sheer and not as sticky as some other glosses. I did notice that my lips felt a little numb a few minutes after application, I assume it was the volume effect?

The blush applies like a dream and gives a lovely subtle flush of colour, you cant really see it in the image but it is there. This will most definatley become one of my faves.

The shadow is very sparkley and quite strongly pigmented. It applied well and I didnt get any fallout, it remained looking fresh until I had to remove it ( 4 hours later). Im personally not a fan of glittery shadows but this one worked well on me when toned down with another neutral shade.

While the BB cream is a bit of a dissappointment I am very happy with the free items and think its a very good deal if you like this brand of BB cream, who knows, I may be back singing its praises in a few weeks.


What is your favourite BB cream? What is the maximum amount you would spend on a BB cream?







{August 14, 2012}   What Am I Doing Here?

I guess I should start with a bit about me, I’m 33 years old and I am a mother to the best seven year old girl ever. I am engaged to my fella and we have been together 12 years. I live in the UK and I love shopping, spending time with my family (when they are not getting on my nerves) and also crafty things.

I have only recently discovered my love of make up, it could be coincidental with the fact that my first wrinkles are starting to show. I am boring my daughter and boyfriend to tears with my chatter about my latest purchases so I thought I would start a blog..

I am on a budget so as you can guess from my name I get a lot of my cosmetics from Poundland or other similar shops. Because my items are from discount stores they wont be the latest shades or this seasons trendiest items but there are plenty of other blogs around for that sort of thing. There wont be much featured here over £5.

I will try to do swatches and reviews on a regular basis but please be warned that I am not a writer, beautician or a photographer. I will make spelling mistakes, I get nail varnish on my fingers and I take photos on my Nokia N8 phone.  I do welcome any constructive criticism, if you think my eyeshadow is a bad shade for me then please tell me, all I ask is that you dont be mean about it.

I am going on a shopping trip later today and hope to fit a sneaky visit to Poundland into the day so I am very excited for my next post. I loooove shopping.

et cetera