{December 5, 2012}   Husband, shopping and me.

I have been married for just over two months now but I have been with my Husband for almost thirteen years. We are not the most romantic of couples, you wont find us walking round the street holding hands or kissing in the cinema, but I know he loves me and I love him as much as I did when I first met him, if not more,  2012 has been eventful, I lost my Dad suddenly earlier in the year and I’m so glad I had my Husband in my life. He stopped me from going to pieces and kept life normal for me.

Like I said we’re not romantic of couples but every now and then he does something that suprises me, If you read my nails of the week then you will know that I usually use Essie’s Fill The Gap Base Coat. I paid £3 for it and had been unable to find it again for anywhere near that price, £9 was the cheapest I found,  until my husband offered to drive me to another branch of the store a few towns away as he had a few days off work.

I found my base coat and we also called in Poundland and not only did he not moan but he also rummaged amongst the cosmetics to find me bargains, I didn’t even have to tell him which brands to look for, my chatter must have sunk in somewhere along the line. We may not be love’s young dream but when I looked across at my stocky skinheaded man rummaging through rails of ladies cosmetics full of determination I felt so loved and happy.

*I’m not telling him it would have been cheaper to just pay the £9 for my base coat :)






Products Used.

Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmel Lycra Pro – Black Pearl – £1 in Poundland.

Sinful Colors – Aqua – £1 in Poundland.

Sinful Colors – Scandal – £1 in Poundland.

Essie Mod Squad – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

Missguided – Misstifu (free with glamour magazine.)

Sally hansen Extreme Wear – Pink Boa – £1 in Poundland.

NYC -MoMa – £1 in The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmle Lycra Pro – Violet Metal – £1 in Poundland.

Rimmel Lycra Pro – Midnight Blue £1  in Poundland.

Attitude Matte Top Coat – £4.50 from Ebay.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

Black Pearl.

I asked my husband what colour he thought I should do my nails and he gave black as a half arsed reply so after applying my Essie Base Coat (I must get another bottle soon as this is almost half empty) I applied a coat Rimmel’s Black Pearl.  The formula is great and was opaque in two thin coats, I love the big wide brush which allowed me to cover each nail evenly in two strokes. It dried true to what it appears in the bottle with blue and silver micro shimmer which looks amazing when caught in the light.  Black Matte seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment so being the sheep that I am I applied a coat of my new Attitude Matte Top Coat and waited for the transformation, and waited, nothing happened. I’m assuming the Rimmel’s anti-fade colour system does it job well so I applied another Matte top coat and noticed some transformation. The whole lot dried to unsmudgeable levels within ten mins. Less than 12 hours later and this is the condition of the polish, lots of tip wear, is it possible the Matte finish gives less protection? I have worn this polish before and it lasted several days.


I have read a lot of nice things about this polish so when I spotted it in Poundland I snapped it up. I applied it over my Essie base coat, the brush is very thin, which I don’t really like as it takes a lot of strokes to cover my nail, for a small brush it picks up a lot of product which made application tedious as I was continuosly wiping off excess polish.

The first coat was pretty sheer and streaky, I had a lot of visible brush strokes and felt like giving up and removing the whole lot. I didn’t though and boy am I glad as the second coat brought this to life. It dried true to the colour in the bottle and although you can see slight brush strokes I think it adds depth.

The shine on this is amazing too however it took forever to try and I mean forever, I had pretty nails when I went to bed by which time the polish had had a good four hours to dry and this is what my right hand looked like when I woke.

Big Sinful Fail, its a shame as I love the colour.

Midnight And Metal.

I fancied dark nails today and Im still trying to work through my untrieds so I painted three fingers in Midnight Blue and two in Violet Metal.  I then used my Salon Express Stamping Kit to stamp a zebra type pattern over the Violet Metal nails using the Midnight Blue Polish which you cant quite see in image.

Midnight Blue has a gorgeous dark blue shimmer which I could not pick up with my camera due to the weather being lame, its not as black as it seem, its a lovely colour, you’ll just have to trust me. As you can see though I had slight tip wear within a few hours. I’m not having much polish luck this week. :( Lovely wide brush made application easy and polish just right consistancey, two coats for perfection.

Violet Metal needed three coats but since I knew I was stamping over it I only applied two, slighty watery that Midnight Blue but still easy to work with.

Pink Madness.

This is my breast cancer awareness mani. i had trouble choosing a pink so I just used them all. I painted each finger ina different polish. I used three coats on each nail but some could have done with more to be honest.

From Pinkie to Thumb **Missguided, Misstify, –Essie, Mod  Squad, — NYC,MoMa — Sinful Colors, Scandal — Sally Hansen Extreme Wear, Pink Boa**

Sadly there is nothing extreme about the Extreme Wear! very watery and it chipped as soon as it dried…

Pretty crap nails this week. Hopefully next weeks will be better.

{September 28, 2012}   September Haul.

September Purchases.

I thought rather than a do a lot of little posts with the items I have purchased I will do one big post at the end of the month, I will also be doing the same with my empties and favourites. I did intend to add the total value up but Im actually a little scared to, all the little bits here and there add up!! So here is my September Haul. Have you tried any of these products and what did you think?

Make Up Academy – Shimmer Kisses – Pink Shimmer Blush and Highlighter – £3 in Superdrug.
All gorgeous shades – look out for review soon…

Sinful Colors Lipgloss – Caramel Melt – £1 in Poundland.
I have a few of these in other shades and they are all good.

Sinful Colours – Paris – £1 in Poundland.
I have looked at this several times and finally bought it as it was the last one.

Rimmel Single Shadow – Spiced Bronze – reduced to £1.12 in Tesco

Technic Nail Art Polish – £1.49 for three in Boyes.

Technic Glitters – Bonanza – 89 pence in Boyes

Colour Eye Palette – 24 Shades – Reduced to £1 in The Original Factory Shop as Damaged. Only few slight marks and easy to pop out pans to put in my Mangnetic Palette,

Olay in Shower Body Lotion. £1 in Poundland.
You rub this all over your body whilst in shower then wash away. Leaves my skin soft and smelling gorgeous. Since taking the photo I have purchased two more as this one ran out.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Natural Blends Lip Shimmer – £1 each – Original Factory Shop.
I already have two of these which I love, I picked these up in shades cocoa and frosty and both are lovely.Colour not true to the cap shade but I dont mind. Heavily pigmented and long lasting. I’ll definatley be buying more shades if I come across them.

Innovative Nail Polish Remover Pads – 49p – Boyes. Purchased in my pursuit of remover pads that actually remove polish. These do the job, although you have to apply quite a bit of pressure and one pad removes one nails polish. They leave a greasy after-feel but smell lovely and citrusy. I’ll be repurchasing to take on holiday.

2true – 3 in 1 Concealer, Lip and Cheek Stain, Lip colour Sealer and Nail Polsih Shade 26 – three items for £4.99 and free nail polish in Superdrug.

Lynx – Limited Edition Attract For Her – two for £5 in Asda.
I usually love the smell of my fella after he has sprayed this and the females is version is lovely too – it just does not last very long so I’ll steal my boyfriends rather than repurchase.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Floral and Flirty Blush.
After finishing my travel sized Tropical version I purchased the travel sized Floral and Flirty version which cost me £1. I dont use it a lot so wasn’t interested in purchasing the larger size until I came across it for £2 in Asda. The smaller bottle will get used on my hols in afew weeks and the larger tin will last me for some time to come.

Avon Eye Lash Curlers – £1.50 in Brochure 14.
I have been after these for a while as the unique style appealed to be but I could not justify paying the usual £5 for a bit of plastic, however when they £1.50 I ordered two pairs.

Avon Revitacool Base Coat – £1.50 in brochure 14.
I didn’t own base coat at the time I ordered this and as it was so cheap I thought why not? It feels cold for teh first few seconds on application, a bit like running an ice cube over your finger tips.

Royal Cosmetic Connections – I’m Laquered – pack of 3 for £3 in The Original factory Shop.
I purchased these mainly for the pink one as its different to any glitter polishes I own and I think its very pretty, I will also use the blue on but Im not too sure about the gold..

Essie – Carry On – £3 each or two for £5 in The Original Factory Shop.

Essie – Case Study – £3 each or two for £5 in The Original Factory Shop.

Scarlett & Crimson Minicure Box – £2.99 in Boyes.

Scarlett Crimson Strokes Of Genius – £2.99 Boyes.
Great quality brushes – ideal for hols

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear – Deep Blue Sea – £1 in Poundland

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear – Emerald City – £1 in Poundland

Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat – £3 each or two for £5 in The Original Factory Shop.

Essie Instant Dry Oil Protector and Essie’s Case Study – £3 each or two for £5 in The Original Factory Shop.

Max Factor Nailfinity – Extra Glitter – £2 in the Original Factory Shop

Nivea Extreme Resist Mascara – £1 in Poundland.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails – French Tip White – £1 in Poundland.

Sally Hansens Gel Cuticle Remover – £1.99 in B&M’s

L’oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara – £1.99 in Boyes

Sinful Colors – Mercury Rising – £2 in The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro – Midnight Blue – £1 in Poundland.

Sally Hansen Strengh Treatment – £1.99 in B&M’s

Essie – Navigate Her – £3 each or two for £5 in The Original Factory Shop.

Nivea Summer Beauty Body Lotion – £1 in Poundland.
Has a bit of a peppery smell which makes me unsure about it.

Nivea Daily Essentials Face Wash – £1.50 in Asda.
Only purchased due to price – smells like hair remover and doesn’t really do anything, will not be repurchasing!!!

Maybelline Forever Strong – Nude Rose – £1 in the Original Factory Shop.

NYC Curling Mascara – £1 in Poundworld

NYC Thickening Mascara – £1 in Poundland.

Essie – Orange, Its Obvious – £3 each or two for £5 in The Original Factory Shop.

Revlon Skin Matching Make Up – Light – £3 In the Original Factory Shop.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat – £3 in the Original Factory Shop.

Revlon Superlustrous Lipgloss – Pink Kisses – 50 pence in The Original Factory Shop

NYC Eyeshadow Quad – The Best Of Broadway – £1.50 in The Original factory Shop.

Sally hansen Extreme Wear – Time To Shine – £1 in Poundland

Sally Hansen Salon – Too Much Fawn – £2 in The Original Factory Shop.

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear – Twinkle Twinkle – £1 in Poundland

Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion – £1 in Poundland.

W7 High Moisture Lip Gloss – Mint Choc – £1 in The Factory Shop.
Chosen by my seven year old Daughter for us to share :)

Salon Express Stamping Kit – £11 from Ebay.

{September 27, 2012}   September Favourites/Reviews.

Hi everyone, just thought I would share with you some of the products I have been loving this month. All of these items are still available to purchase at the outlets I have mentioned.

Essie –  Fill The Gap Base Coat – £3 in The original Factory Shop (They also have a two for £5 offer)

Being a polish novice I knew  knew nothing of the Essie brand at the time I purchased this and only did so because the one I had ordered from the Avon was running late. The fact that this one claimed to fill ridges impressed me. The base coat is a neutral beige colour which drys to invisible with one coat or just a hint of colour on the second coat, the brush is a little thin and it takes three stokes to cover my nails evenly. I find the brush picks up to much product which initially made it difficult to work with but once you get the hang of it its great. What has really impressed me about this product is its drying time, it takes seconds. I have been using this everyday and my Avon one is sat on the shelf neglected, I can see it emptying so I will be repurchasing soon in case I cant find it when it runs out.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat – £3 in The Original Factory Shop.

I love the Sinful Colors polishes and have collected about half a dozen, so far I have only worn about four but I have been dissappointed with how quickly they chip. Its shouldn’t be a big issue as I usually change my polish everyday but these didn’t even make it to lucnhtime and I’m not partuclary heavy handed with my nails. I absolutley love they shades they put out though so I thought I would try some kind of top coat to see if that helps them last any longer, I popped to The Factory Shop (Its a curse having that bloody thing so close) and saw this Sally Hansen product. Along with the claims of providing shine it also claimed to be chip resistant and I usually like the range and this did not dissappoint. Prior to purchasing this I used to apply a clear varnish and it seemed to take forever to dry. This dries to touchable quality very quickly and I have found myself reaching for it almost every time I do my nails. You can apply this to wet or dry polish and also to an old manicure to freshen it up. the only thing I really do not like is the opaque bottle, I like to see how much product I have left and you cant do that with this. I will repurchase if its still in stock when I run out.

Urban Decay – Naked – 36 Euros at Duty Free.

I never understood the fuss about the Urban Decay Palettes, after all eyeshadow is eyeshadow right? My fiance bought me this on our return flight from Spain in August, there is something about foreign currency that does not feel like real money if that makes sense, anyway this product is amazing, you can create so many different looks from ranging from natural daytime to sexy smokey and when you divide 36 by 12 (the amount of shadows in the palette) it works out at great value, three euros per shadow. I pay more than that for some drugstore products. The shadows apply and feel like silk and Ive not had any trouble with fallout from the darker shades like a lot of reviewers have. the lasting quality is second to none, my eyes look like they have just been made up after twelve hours wear. The primer that comes with is not much cop in my opinion, I wore my shadows without it and it didnt make any difference, I do like the brush that is supplied and Im keen to try more brushes from the Urban Decay range. Its highly unlikely that I will ever use all the shadows up but if I did I would repurchase in heartbeat. Im already considering Naked 2 and I hope I get lucky and see it at the duty free when I return to Spain in a few weeks.

 17 BB Balm – £6.99 – Boots

My initail review on this product didn’t paint it in a good light but I did say I would stick with it as the packaging promised better skin in four weeks.  I am prone to redness on my face and I am now noticing that its not as visible and my skin tone is much much more even. All I need to use now is a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser and its enough to hide the tiny bit of redness that is left. Sadly my pores have not reduced in appearence but I am more than happy with the results I have had. I have used this almost daily since I purchased and I still have well over half a tube left. This is something that is a certain repurchase.

Avon Eyelash Curlers – £1.50 Brochure 14 (usually £5)

I have  had my eyes on these since I started getting the Avon brochures a few months ago but I could not justify spending £5 on a peice of plastic. In the last brochure they were on offer at £1.50 per set so I ordered two. I love the shape of these and they are much more easier to use than the metal variety,  the design of these enable you to get right at the root of your lashes without nipping your skin, ( something which always happened to me) they give a good natural curl that lasts, my only bug is that the curlers touch your lids so Id reccomend curling before you apply any other eye make-up. There is a spare pad included in the handle so one set should last a long time, I’m glad I bought two and would be happy to pay £5 in future.

GHD Hair Straighteners.  Available from £99 and from various outlets.

I have had these straighteners for over three years now and my love affair with them is still going strong. The model I have is the IV styler which is the medium sized plate, I have thin hair and these work really well on me, if you have short hair then the smaller model would be best for you and if you have thick hair then the wider model would be best suited to your hair.

Before I bought these, I struggled and struggled with various cheaper brands, which would drag through my hair and were not really enjoyable to use, they would also take forever to heat up. The GHD’s Heat up in 11 seconds, there is no heat adjustment but this has never been a problem for me, the irons glide through my hair with ease leaving it looking straight and silky, the whole process takes less than 15 minutes. My style would hold until I needed to wash ( longest has been 3 days) without needing to redo, even after sleeping.  Its possible to create curls and waves but its not something I have yet managed to do. I use a heat protecting spray and maybe a little hairspray after styling and thats it as I dont like to overload my hair product as it becomes greasy. If you decide to purchase a set of these please please make sure you do so froma licensed seller as there are so many unsafe fake copies flying around out there. Its easy to do you simply visit the GHD website and type in your postcode etc and they will give you a list of official sellers. If you buy from ebay ask the seller for authenication number and check on GHDs website who will tell you if it is a genuine pair.

{September 24, 2012}   Nails Of The week #3

Products Used.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover Gel – £1.99 B&M’s

Revlon Colorstay – Always Romantic – £1 for two in Poundland.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro – Purple Rain – £1 in Poundland.

Essie – Case Study – £3 – The Original Factory Shop.

Essie – Carry On Essies – Orange, its Obvious  – Two for £5 in The Factory Shop.

Technic – Carnival – 89 pence in Boyes.

Revlon Dark Pleasures – Talk Dirty – £1 in Poundland.

Revlon Top Speed – Cloud – £1 in Poundland

Revlon – Sunshine Sparkle – £1 In Poundland

Revlon – Blue Lagoon – £1 in Poundland

Claire’s Accessories Glitter Polish – Blue, Green – £6 for six mini bottles.

Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat – £3 – Original Factory Shop.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat – £4 – Original Factory Shop.

Total Cost This Week =£29.88

Always Romantic. (17th Sept)

We didnt get finished painting our living room until 11pm on Monday evening and I was dog tired but the chips in my Essie – Navigate Her were driving me so potty and I had to remove it, I should have left well alone as I knew I didnt have time to allow polish to dry but I ignored myself and quickly applied my Essie base coat (this drys in seconds its amazing) and painted on a coat of Revlons Colorstay Always Romantic, its a lovely red/brown colour. I chose the colorstay as it always lasts ages on me, I end up removing because I am bored, not because of chipping. Its a thick jelly type formula which applies quickly and easily. The first coat dried and I hopped into bed thinking I’d get another coat on in the morning, sadly I was running late and got straight into the decorating and my polish chipped before I could take a photo, you must need two coats to get a longer lasting mani….. Is it bad that I feel like repainting them just to take a photo? I dont like the blank spot lol.

Purple Rain. (18th Sept)

Due to the turps and other painting chemicals from yesterday my cuticles were pretty dry, whilst in B & M looking for a rug my husband noticed Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Remover Gel and put it in the basket for me, how good is he? so after using this, I applied a coat of my Essie Base Coat follwed by two coats of Rimmels Purple Rain. This is a very deep dark purple jelly formula which my Daughter describes as “undead”. I think I should have applied a third coat but again it was late and I was tired..

Case Study (19th Sept)

Depressingly Purple Rain had chipped badly on several nails by lunchtime which dissapointed me as its supposed to be a long wearing polish, the bottle claims up to ten days, I narely got ten minutes,  anyway I removed it and applied Sally Hansens Quick Care Strenghtening Treatment as my nails are becoming brittle, followed by two thin coats of Essie’s Base Coat, then two coats of Essie’s Case Study and a coat of Essie’s Instant Dry Oil Protecter. It dries much darker than it appears in the bottle but I still like it. It reminds me of melted milk chocolate – yummy. I hope I get a few days out of this as I like it so much.

Talk Dirty and Carnival (20th September)

My Case study is still going strong today which impresses me as they took quite a battering today. The end of decorating my home and giving each room a good clean is starting to come to an end. Still a lot to do but the light is at the end of the tunnel now. I cant believe how much crap is in this house, just random bits of junk and sentimental stuff. I’ve had to be ruthless and bin it which required two skip trips with another two planned tomorrow.

The nails – I have found that painting my nails helps me relax, my fiance thinks Im bonkers painting my nails so late at night but some relax with a glass of wine, for now, adding colour to my nails cheers me up, as it was late I didnt want to remove Case Study so I applied a coat of Talk Dirty, which I knew from swatching is sheer on its own.  Applied over Case Study it turns a very dark brown, in the bottle you can see a gold shimmer which dissapointingly does not show up the nails in any kind of light, they didn’t look quite right and I was going to remove and start from scratch but then I added two coats of Carnival. Whilst in the bottle it looks jam packed with glitter its actually awkward getting it onto the brush, its also tricky to get the glitter to apply evenly so I had to poke the brush around quite a bit which I didnt actually mind as I found it theraputic. I’m a weird one right? Topped off with a coat of Sally Hansens Mega Shine. The colours in this reminds me of fairgrounds but with the brown underneath I think of Autumn and bonfire night and fireworks. If your gonna use Carnival I suggest being near an open window as the odour is stronger than most polishes. Im still not sure I like it but I cant be arsed removing glitter at this time of night so its staying for the day at least.

I did enjoy arranging my polishes onto a shelf I managed to clear, its nice to walk into my room and look at them all neatly lined up :)

 Pretty Pastels. – (21st September)

The amount of work that is still in the to do has really got to me today, I could see the end yesterday and thought I’d be finished today but there was a lot more to do than I originally thought. How much crap can house hold? A lot. I bought two new polishes today in an effort to cheer myself up but it when it came to painting my nails I decided they were too dark, (Essie – Orange Its Obvious and Carry On) I wanted something that would help lift my mood and I’m trying to work my way through my whole polish collection, we are also going to a local fete tomorrow. I liked my spotted manicure from last week so I decided to do another, I began with Sally Hansens Strenghtening Treatment and two coats of Essie’s Base coat, this time I chose Revlon’s Cloud, Blue Lagoon and Sunshine Sparkle, all nice cheerful happy names,  then added contrasting dots using a bobby pin. They are no where near as neat as I would have liked but they shall have to do. All of these polishes required three coats as its quite a sheer watery formula, I find this with a lot of revlon polishes and it took forever to dry, its almost midnight and they are still wet after applying at ten pm. Im going to have sheet prints on them in the morning :) They may look a bit naff to others but I actually quite like them, kind of reminds me of those hand-made quilted blankets, which I love.

Did you spot my mistake? I meant to put blue dots on the lilac nails, if anyone noticed they were polit enough not to say :)

Add a Bit Of Glitter – (22nd September)

Had a lovely day today at the local fete/fair event. My little girl won a heap of prizes on the tombolas, it wasn’t really a suprise as she is always lucky with things like that, we all had a lie down on the sofas when we got back and watched old episodes of One Foot In The Grave.  Its been a really relaxing day, I love days like this. Because I didn’t want too much faff I decided leave my nails as they are and just add a few extra dots with different colours to correct my mistake and I then added a coat of Claire’s purple and green glitter polish followed by Sally Hansens Mega Shine top coat, I’m not to happy with the glitter but my Daughter chose it and so it will stay, everytime I look down at my hands I’m reminded what a fantastic family I have.

Half And Half – (23rd September)

Sundays are my favourite days for painting my nails. Its the day where I carry out all my little rituals like shave my legs, tweeze my eyebrows and such. I have much more time to spend painting my nails on a Sunday so I like to try and make them a bit more dramtic. On looking at the large tree outside my window you can see the leaves starting to turn brown and orange and its those two colours which inspired my choice of colours which are  Essie  in shades Orange,Its Obvious and Carry On. I painted each nail in alternating colours and then allowed it to dry completley, I then painted the top half of each nail in opposite colours.

The Orange was the easiest to apply and the Carry On was a bit of a nightmare, the brush is a lot thinner and the formula is quite watery so it made streaks, you couldn’t really judge how much product you had your brush so as you can see I made a bit a bit of a mess, saying that I do like the effect of this and its a technique that I will certainley use with other combinations of colours. I will make sure to use tape for a neater line though, my freehand version is a bit messy..

Im stuck choosing a favourite this week as I like the Case Study and Half and Half, what do you think?

Before I prattle on about the gloss I just want to show you the pack of lighters I picked up in Poundworld. Pack of 4 refillable for £1. I think they are so cute.


Nivea Gloss wonder Balm – £1 each in Poundworld.

Use within 12 months.

 I have had these for a while now, however I checked in my local store yesterday and they still have a large amount in stock. I saw six shades to choose from – Mango – Cherry – Berry – Bellini – Rose and Clear. I bought a tube of all except the clear one as I already have too many clear glosses. From the details on the front each gloss has a spf of 15 and also contains Argon Oil, Mango Butter and Cacao Butter, to be honest I have no idea what any of these are but they sound good. Each tube has a generous 14ml amount of product contained in a squeezable tube, and are able to stand alone on the lid which I like as, should I ever reach the end of a tube I’ll be able to use the full amount.

 The applicator consists of a hard piece of plastic which is slanted and has a good sized hole to dispense the product from when the tube is squeezed.

Pretty straight forward right? Sadly, no. its actually pretty difficult to squeeze the right amount of gloss out, it may just be me but every time I have used these I have squeezed way too much product out, this may be down to the fact that they are pretty new so pretty full, time will tell.

Left To Right – Mango-Cherry-Berry-Bellini-Rose

The formula is quite heavy and thick, you can definatley feel that you are wearing gloss with these, they also have a greasy/oily feel to them which lasts long after the gloss has gone, I assumed that these would taste and smell of their names and I was slightly saddened to find they are unscented and unflavoured. the little girl in me loves a nice smelling tasted gloss. Each shade , with the exeption of Mango, looks highly pigmented in the tube and also when swatched on my arm, so I was looking forward to trying these out as I really liked every shade, especially the cherry one.

To give you another view of the colours I swatched on my lips, this is not something I feel comfortable doing as I contracted Bells Palsy when I was a teenager and although I got %90 better it shows up really really badly in photographs, you will never see a photo of me smiling, I was badly teased at school about it and am very conscious having photos taken of myself, hence why I crop out my lips or eyes as I really do not photograph well. I really mean it when I tell photographers to get my good side :) If you would like to know anything about the condition dont hesitate to ask.

Anyway here is what all the shades look like on the lips, I was dissappointed that the pay off was not as strong as the arm swatches and as you can see, with the excpetion of cherry, they all look pretty similar in colour.






Out of the five I prefer Cherry and Rose, what do you think? I wouldn’t repurchase these as they are too thick for my liking, but they lasted a good few hours and due to the spf they served me well on holiday, they were ideal to throw in a beach bag and if they got lost it didnt matter as they were so cheap.

{September 10, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #1

Along with my new love of make up I also discovered a love of Nail Polish. I love love bright colours and nail polish allows me to show that without looking like a clown. I have collected quite a few over the last few months and Im currently working on swatching them all and putting them into some kind of order.

I have decided that on Mondays I will post what I have been wearing on my nails the previous week,  I usually wear my polish until the first chip appears or I’ll change when Im bored.  I am pretty useless at applying polish so don’t be suprised to find my fingers covered :) If you can reccomend any good techniques that would be great.

W7 – Mosaic.

I bought this after reading a review on alicab’s blog – (sorry I dont know how to link) where she discovered that this is a very good dupe for “Nails Inc – Pudding Lane” there are other shades in this range and I already have Lava Flow, I think I will pass on Salt and Pepper as they are botha bit similar. Pop over to Aliciab’s blog for swatches on all three. I wore this for two days before becoming bored and wanting a change. This only had slight tip wear despite me doing some heavy duty housework. I will say that due to the amount of glitter this was an utter pain to remove.

This was my first attempt at sponging and Im quite happy with how it turned out, I got two days out of this before I got a massive chip, so off it came. First I used Boots Natural Collection French tip whitener, then I applied Rimmel-  Sunrise, Rimmel – Peardrop, Rimmel camoflage and Essie – To Buy Or Not To Buy to a peice of make up sponge and dabbed it on at random over my white base. Im pleased with how the cours came out in pastel shades as they are really bright in the bottle (swatches to come later). I was already becoming board the next day so I applied Revlon Sweet Nothings – Satin Sheets over the top which gave a lovely milky glittery affect, I removed because I wanted a change, no chipping after two days. *Note to self* Remember to tape up fingers next time….

This is my first and probably last attempt at marbeling with water. I wont go into details about it as there are hundreds of you-tube videos on this method. I had fun doing this but not cleaning up afterwards. I applied a white base to begin with and then used Boots Natural Collection in shades – winter moon – topaz and lunar haze. I got bored of this quickly and removed after one day. If I ever did this again I will add more polish to the water for brighter colours.

I decided to cut my nails back to make them all one lengh, this is the shortest my nails have been for a very long time but I like them, after giving my hands a bit of a pamper and a good soak I applied Rimmel – Black Cherries and I was really please with this colour and also this is my tidiest ever application of varnish. I only removed because it peeled off in the bath the following day.

And this is what my nails look like today. I have used Rimmel – Pear Drop as the main colour and Essie – To Buy or Not To Buy for the tips. I’m not to sure how I feel about it but there are no signs of chips so I’ll leave it for now. Pear Drop looks a greenish shade in the bottles but once dry it looks more blue on me. *edit* I removed on tuesday 11th september so got a good three days out of this, I ould have got longer if I touched up the tips but I was keen to change.

How often do you change your polish? What are your favourite techniques for applying?

Thank you for reading and for any comments…..

{August 20, 2012}   Attitude Tinted Lip Balm.

Whilst browsing in Poundland the packaging of this product grabbed my attention. I am a sucker for anything pink and these just screamed – ” BUY ME”  – so I did. Seeing as these were only £1 each I can justify my purchase to myself by arguing that other tinted lip balms can cost more than £4 for one.

There was four shades to choose from, Dewberry ( a dark purple ) Chocolate ( a rich brown ) Raspberry ( a reddish pink) and Bubblegum ( a very light pink) they also had a green tea tree concealer in the range but my skin does not like tea tree so I left that one behind. I love the clear cap which allows you too see the colour of the product, many of the tinted lip balms I have purchased in the past do not allow you to do this until the cap is removed. Not a problem in Boots but Poundland dont do testers.

I am planning a trip to Spain soon and figured that these would be ideal for daytime wear on the beach however on reading the packaging further when I got home I realised there is no spf. I cant really complain about that for the price but if it something important to you, you’ll have to take that into account before purchasing. I also love the fact that these were desginded and produced in England, I’m not sure why but it eased my guilt about buying items I dont really need.

They have a slight smell (chocolate smells of chocolate etc) but its not too overpowering and dissappears shortly after applying. they have no taste  They do feel quite moist on the lips but that is what I want as I’ll be wearing them in heat. After applying the Dewberry I had a cup of coffee and a cigarette and was pretty impressed to see it still there, however after my second cup an hour later there was only a slight cast left. It lasted for almost two hours but would have been longer had I not drunk coffee and smoked. Not bad staying power for the price.

On to the swatches. The first image is taken without a flash, the second image is with flash.  From left to right Chocolate, Dewberry, Raspberry,Bubblegum.


As you can see the Dewberry and Raspberry are the most pigmented. The chocolate is not too bad but judging the pruduct in the tube I was expecting a lot more colour. I’m pretty dissappointed with the Bubblegum as it barely shows up. They apply sheer so if you want a lot of colour I’d give these a miss but for just a hint of shine and colour they are perfect. I’d reccomend the Dewberry and Raspberry.

Which tinted lip balm would you reccomend?

I have been reading a  lot of positive things about the Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover but at a retail price of £5.99 I could not justify spending that on what is essentially nail varnish remover. The idea is really great and not something I have ever seen before so I was really happy when I came across these babies. I purchased the Nail Drying Spray and the Twist and Out varnish remover from “The Original Factory Shop” at £1 each and the Cuticle Revitalizer from Poundland for £1 (obviously) but I have seen all three in Poundland since purchasing the first two items.

Pretty Perfect: Twist And Out Instant Nail Polish Remover.

On opening the smell is very strong, like your typical nail varnish remover, inside the conatainer is a sponge with a finger shaped hole in it. You simply stick your finger in, give it a twist and when you pull it out the varnish is supossed to be gone.

The varnish I was wearing at the time was a Sinful Colors slightly glittery orange shade (from poundland) so away I went.

Pretty impressive I think. It took less than a minute to remove the varnish from my whole hand, it would normally take at least that per finger using regular varnish remover. I cant compare it to the Bourjois one as I have never used it but for £1 this works amazingly well. The sponge inside is very very wet and you get the product all up your finger so I would reccomend hand washing straight away, and make sure you close the lid securley and store upright as this fell over in my drawer and leaked some liquid. I have been using this product for several weeks now, almost daily and there is still plenty of use left in it.  Its not so good removing heavily glitterd polish and sadly my big fat toes will not fit in so I’m not giving up the bottled remover just yet but I do plan to repurchase this item.

Cuticle Revitalizer.

I picked this up on a whim after being happy with the Twist and Out. The packaging is easy to use, you simply twist the bottom until the fluid comes out of the brush and apply over cuticles and nail, leave for a few mins and then wrap the wooden stick in a little cotton wool and push back the cuticles. Rinse off and your done.

I like the clear base of the pen so that you can see how much product you have left The liquid itself is clear and of an oily texture and has a scent of apricots, which was refreshing after the remover fumes. It felt nice on my nails and did a great job softening the cuticles. I’ll most likely repurchase.

Nail Drying Spray.

I usually apply my polish at night as I think it allows it set before I have to do boring household stuff but to give this stuff a fair test I applied it on a morning. I had a base coat, four coats of colour and a top coat, totalling 6 coats, usually that would take hours to dry properly.This claims to work with most varnishes so I hoped mine was one of them.  I sprayed this all over my nails and the first thing I noticed was the smell. Not very nice and it clings to the back of your throat.  The spray itself left no residue on my nails and I did a quick touch test after five minutes and was impressed to see that no thumb print was left in my polish. I managed to vacuum, apply my make up, brush my Daughters very very long hair and change bedding without smudging my nails. Sadly the awful odour lasted long after the varnish had dried which has put me right off using  the product again.  It works great but the smell is way to overpowering for me, I would not recommend using this around children or pets. I’ll have to be desperate for quick drying nails to use this again. I highly doubt I will be repurchasing.

What is your favourite nail product? What is you experience with drying products?

{August 19, 2012}   Chit Chat Gel Eyeliner

Product: Chit Chat Gel Eyliner and Applicater  –  Use within 6 months of opening.

Price: £1

Available at: Poundland.

One of my most favourite items of cosmetics is eyeliner. I love love love it.  I have been keen to get my hands on a gel eye liner so you can imagine my delight when I came across this product in “Poundland”

CHIT CHAT is Poundland’s own brand of cosmetics and depending on which store you use they have a great selection of products from concealer to nail varnish. This is not the first item I purchased from the range and I will review the other items very soon.

As you can guess this product cost £1 for the gel eyeliner and the brush. The only shade I saw was black.  I actually bought this about a week ago and on first application I was very impressed with the pigment, the brush is pretty good quality and makes applying very easy, you can get right into the lash line.  The applicater picks up just the right amount of product and it glides on like silk, the eyeliner itself is odour free. Everything looked promising. so far so good, however when I looked in the mirror about half an hour later the liner had transfered to the top of my lids and had dulled down to a greyish colour. Not good.

I was ready to throw the product into the bin or give it away when I read about setting gel eyeliner with an eye shadow, like I have said, I am new to the world of make up and still have an awful lot to learn. Sooo I gave this another go and I have to say it has made a very big difference. I am now in love with this eye liner. I applied the liner with the included applicater and then pressed a small amount of black eye shadow over the top using a brow brush that I had knocking around. This intensified the colour and stopped it tranferring to my upper lid.  I didn’t wear any mascara or any other products for the shots in the hope you could see how black this eyeliner appears, and of course the camera has picked up every hair and wrinkle on my face and made them look much much worse.

I have now been wearing this for over three hours and it looks as good as it did when I first applied it. I am so thankful that I read the tip about setting the gel eyeliner as this product would be lying in the bottom of bin somewhere.

I was not planning on going anywhere today so decided to have a bit of an experiment with my eyeshadows (which I applied on top of the eyliner) and this is what I came up with. What’s you honest opinion?

Which shades of eyeshadow do you think work well together?

et cetera