{December 7, 2012}   Killing Four Birds With One Stone.

I was recently tagged for The Leibster Award byProduct Hoochie, No Bottle Left Behind.,nattan23 and Nail Art For Funn. Thank you so so much for thinking of me. I would have loved to have done four seperate posts but the truth is I’m a lazy cow so I’m gonna cheat and skip the 11 facts (I am boring trust me) and answer a few of the questions from all four of you, and I tag anyone who’s name begins with a P.


So what is the Liebster Blog Award?

It’s an award that was reputedly started in Germany in order to give smaller bloggers recognition for their hard work. You receive this award from a fellow blogger that feels your blog is both worthy & important to them.

The rules are:

1) Post eleven facts about yourself

2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated

3) Choose eleven people to give this award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post

4) Go to their page and tell them

5) Remember, no tag backs


Here We Go!

If you could have ANY super power what would you have?

I would love to be able to time travel. I’d go back and correct all the mistakes I have made in the past.

Would you get plastic surgery?

I have always said that I’d love a boob job and the ones I have a non existent but I actually think that if I ever had the money I’d wuss out.

Do you think an engagement ring should be a suprise or should the woman pick it herself?

Either way is good but I’d prefer it to be a suprise but that backfired on my Husband, he gave me the ring on Christmas day twelve years ago but sadly it was way too big, I wanted to show it off, especially to his ex ( I was 21 back then ) so wore it under a ring that fitted me, to cut a long story short, I got drunk on boxing day, fell and lost both rings. He bought me the same one a few weeks later in a size that fit.

What makes you really happy?

I am truly happy when its a weekend and my Daughter, Husband and I are at home with no plans. We don’t bother getting dressed, we eat shite all day, watch cheesey films, have a nap and just generally potter about the house. Bliss.

What perfume do you like most?

Dot by Marc Jacobs – which can be bought in most high street stores that sell perfume, or if you can’t get away from your wife you could order online, but make sure to get the 50ml size as the bottle is cuter. – hint hint husband.

What is your favorite book?

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I always read this book once a year and my copy is all creased and battered now, I always cry at the end and if I ever have another child I would to name them after the two main chartacters. Rudy for a boy and Liesel for a girl.

What’s your favorite TV show?

An Idiot Abroad. I love Karl Pilkington and his idiotic theories. Ricky Gervais is a bit of an annoying pillock though. That laugh sets my teeth on edge.

How many kids do you have or see yourself having?

I have a Daughter who is fastly approaching eight years old. She is the best thing I have ever done with my life and I am so so so proud of her. We must have gone right somewhere as she is the best behaved hard working child I have ever known (Im biased though). She gets her brains from her Dad and her looks from me. Just kidding, the brains and looks both come from me :) I could not imagine loving anyone as much as I love her.

Wine or Beer?

Niether, give me a vodka or a cocktail everytime.

Which celeb would you want to rescue you from a situation? (any situation)

Karl Pilkington or Kieth Lemon. Both are so funny that it would take my mind off whatever the situation is that I was being rescued from.

What’s your favorite accessory?

This year I have been wearing a lot of scarves, not so much because of trends but because its absolutley freaking freezing at the moment. Im even wearing one in bed.

There we go all done, thank you again for thinking of me.


I have to read that book!

You should, its brilliant. Its quite a long one, it has over 500 pages if I remember correctly but Each time I read it I can never put it down, I like to read the ending in peace and quiet so I can really get into the moment and have a cry. I’m weird like that :)

Not weird at all. I went to see “Peter and the Star Catcher” and cried at the end. When I read The Giver I cried, too.

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