{December 5, 2012}   Husband, shopping and me.

I have been married for just over two months now but I have been with my Husband for almost thirteen years. We are not the most romantic of couples, you wont find us walking round the street holding hands or kissing in the cinema, but I know he loves me and I love him as much as I did when I first met him, if not more,  2012 has been eventful, I lost my Dad suddenly earlier in the year and I’m so glad I had my Husband in my life. He stopped me from going to pieces and kept life normal for me.

Like I said we’re not romantic of couples but every now and then he does something that suprises me, If you read my nails of the week then you will know that I usually use Essie’s Fill The Gap Base Coat. I paid £3 for it and had been unable to find it again for anywhere near that price, £9 was the cheapest I found,  until my husband offered to drive me to another branch of the store a few towns away as he had a few days off work.

I found my base coat and we also called in Poundland and not only did he not moan but he also rummaged amongst the cosmetics to find me bargains, I didn’t even have to tell him which brands to look for, my chatter must have sunk in somewhere along the line. We may not be love’s young dream but when I looked across at my stocky skinheaded man rummaging through rails of ladies cosmetics full of determination I felt so loved and happy.

*I’m not telling him it would have been cheaper to just pay the £9 for my base coat :)






My husband tries his best when we go shopping. He does try to stop me from buying products!

Do you go shopping together often? I prefer to go on my own, especially for clothing. I don’t even like to take my friend as she moans and moans about me being small and thinks I should wear revealing leopard print clothes when all I want is a pair of jeans :)

We do go but he watches me! I like going with my sister because we really encourage each other to try new stuff. I also like going alone- I get done fast!

That’s so sweet, you made me tear up a little (damn PMS!) My fiance tries his best too, he works on a base and there is a beauty store there but I’m not allowed in because we are not married yet (I’m not american) so every once in a while after work he goes there and buys me 5 or 6 bottles of nice polish that I can’t otherwise get here in Korea. It’s so cute when they make that kind of an effort :)

I agree, its the effort and thought that counts and makes you feel special.
Do you have a wedding date set?

Yes, Aug 1st 2013 in Ireland :)

So not long to go then, have you got all your plans set? I hope the weather is lovely for you.

We are really unorganised! It’s kinda scary actually! There’s a lot of paperwork to be done, i’ll be home in Fev and will be busy booking everything then, at least we have a venue! Was your wedding crazy stressful or was it easy to organise?

It was super duper easy, we didnt tell anyone and just snuck off to the local registry office, just us, our daughter and two witnesses, we went for a meal after. It was very basic but it was perfect for us. Id have been too nervous having everyone there lol

That sounds nice! Mine is going to be a bit of a production, we are using the occasion to let the two sides of the family meet and get to know each other, but I kind of wish it was more like yours, I will be so nervous!

You’ll be fine, and as long as your plans are what you both want then it will be perfect. I hope you post lots of pics on your blog :)

Basically all i had to was book the registry office, buy the rings and turn up. :)

polisherself says:

Cute story! The effort always counts:)

My husband is a huge groan-er if he’s with me when I’m polish shopping. Last time we were in Sally’s and he said he was going to find a seat, which I found odd cause it’s a beauty supply store. Anyways 10 minutes later, I went to find him and he was sitting in one of those chairs with the hair dryer caps that come down on someone’s head to set to hair dye. I almost died laughing lol.

That sounds like something my Husband would do lol.
Its not often he comes with me but its nice when he does.

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