{November 25, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #12
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Sadly two of my nails broke this week and they just looked really odd so they all had to be shortened. I took great pleasure in indulging in one of my past disgusting habits, I bit them all down to size! I feel naked with short nails  but it is interesting to see how my polish looks totally different on my stubs.
Monday 26th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
W7 – Lava Flow.
Sally Hansen Super Shine.
Lava Flow is a white polish packed with glitter. One coat would have done but I always apply two, the glitter disperses evenly and the polish has  a decent drying time, the glitter does not feel grainy once its dry which is a mega plus for me, if I can feel the glitter on my nail then it sets my teeth on edge. Eugh!
Tuesday 27th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap
Revlon Matte Suede – Emerald City.
Attitude Matte Top Coat.
Revlon Matte Suede- Emerald City.

Revlon Matte Suede- Emerald City.

I picked this polish up yesterday,  its  a little thicker than the other Revlons I own and suprisingly one coat would have been sufficient, the second really brought the shimmer to life. This polish is not totally matte as I had initally belived. The semi matte finish teamed with the subtle shimmer gives the finished nail a look of velvet which is unlike any other polish I own. The drying time is excellent, I was able to crochet ten minutes after application, normally I have to wait several hours! I applied a matte top coat to see what it would look like totally mattified and although I like both, I prefer the way Revlon intended it to be.  I have a Sally Hansen polish by the same name, I’ll have to compare the colours when I remember.
Wednesday 28th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill the Gap.
Rimmel 60 seconds – Instyle Coral.
 Sally Hansen Super Shine.
I am trying to work my way through my untrieds and I needed something that dried quickly as I left it late to paint my nails. I chose Instyle Coral because its dark enough outside my window without having darkness on my nails. If I have too much darkness around me it affects my mood. I applied two coats but on closer inspection I should have used three, as its pretty streaky, drying time is really great, I had no sheet printsthis morning despite painting my nails only 30 mins before getting into bed, I usually have to paint them a good two hours before bed and even then I regulary get sheet prints. Its handy to know that I can use the 60 Seconds range in a rush.
Thursday 29th November.
Products Used: Fill The Gap.
L.A. Colours – Wired.
L.A. Colours - Wired

L.A. Colours – Wired

Wired is a metallic blue, which is totally opaque in one coat, I cant think of anything bad to say about this polish and I hope the picture does it justice.
Saturday 1st December.
Products Used: Fill The Gap.
Technic Glitters – Bonanza
Technic Glitters - Bonanza.

Technic Glitters – Bonanza.

The wired polish was still going strong so I just added a coat of Bonanza over the top, in the bottle it looks like a blue base with blue glitter but its actually a black base, despite being really watery it had great coverage., and you can see that just one coat totally changed the Wired underneath. This stuff really stinks though so I doubt it will be getting much use.
Sunday 2nd December.
Products Used: Fill The Gap.
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Shocking.
Essie – Nothing Else Metals.
I had another go at stamping today and the results are getting better but are far from perfect. Shocking is a very bright pink/fuscia which lives up to its name.  I doubt I’ll ever use on my hands again, but come Summer time this will be perfect for the feet.

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