{November 15, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #10 Feat Pudsey Bear.
Monday 12th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap
Essie – Nothing Else Metals.
Essie Carry On.
Essie Instant Dry Oil Protector
Striping Tape.
I have been searching around on the net for some inspiration and I have been admiring the many lattice manicures so thought I’d give it a go. It looked like a lot of work so I decided to do the lattice pattern on every other nail.  I used Nothing Else Metals as a base, and once that was dry I started applying the striping tape, it was very fiddly, luckily I had pre-cut the tape but I had difficulty it making the spaces even so I thought “bollocks to this” and what was meant to be a lattice effect was now going to be a diagonal pattern. Once I had the striping tape in place I painted on two coats of Carry On and waited for my nails to dry, I then removed the tape and was saddened to see it took some polish with it, the end result was a mess, Im going to post the pic so I can look back and learn from my mistakes.  I didn’t bother cleaning my fingers up because it was not staying on.
Tuesday 13th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
Essie Penny Talk.
Calvin Klein – Opus
Sally Hansen Super Shine.
This is one of the best polishes I have used in a long time, usually I don’t like gold on a whole nail but this one is different, its more like a rose gold, Essie could not have named this polish better as its the colour of a newly minted penny, I used to collect shiny pennies as a child and using this brought back happy memories. Its a thick formula and it sets quickly so you need to work fast with this, one coat is opaque but two coats are WOW. I wanted to see how it would look with a more sheer polish layered on top so I put on a coat of Opus on my index finger.
Wednesday 14th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Blue My Mind.
Rimmel Lasting Finish – Disco Ball
I applied two coats of Blue My Mind (which looks more like a purple to the eye) followed by one coat of Disco Ball, I’m not shying away from glitter since discovering the tin foil removal method.  The brush in Disco Ball picked up a lot of glitter and one coat was more than enough.
Thursday 15th November.
Products Used: Essie Fill The Gap.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Terracotta
Sally Hansen Super Shine.
Today I wanted something natural so I chose Terracotta. I am in love with shade and hope it lasts a few days so I can keep it on, its grown-up and natural looking, I cant wait to try the other shades in the range. The formula is just the right consistency, the brush reminds me of the ones in Insta-Dri range, I found it picked up too much liquid for me so I had to wipe the excess off often.
Friday 15th November.
Today is “Children In Need” in the UK,  I will be donating via my Daughter’s school, she will be wearing her pyjamas to school for the day, she is so happy about this as she almost lives in her pj’s. I wanted to show my support by painting Children In Need’s mascot Pudsey Bear on my nails.  I just removed the polish from my ring finger from yesterdays manicure and copied an image from a Google search. The bear was super easy to paint on. What do you think.
Saturday 16th November.
Products Used:
Essie Fill The Gap Base Coat.
Calvin Klein – Opus
Attitude Matte Top Coat.
This is one of the most awkward polishes to use, it has a square lid which needs to be held on the diagnol in order for the brush to lay flat on the nail, the brush itself is tiny and, because of the lid shape you have to tilt you head to see what you are doing.  The bristles are shit quality and bend over on themselves, it also does not pick up enough product to coat the nail withour re-dipping. I expected much more from Calvin Klein. The colour itself is great but not worth the aggro, I applied a Matte top coat but I think I liked it better shiney.

Your nails always impress me. I just got my package from Butter London and just painted my nails with Two Fingered Salute. It’s a gray green with purple shimmer. I will post about it!

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