{November 14, 2012}   A Good Equivalent For Benefit’s Benetint.
I recently received a sample of Benefit’s Benetint free with Glamour magazine and I enjoyed using it, I wanted to purchase the – product and went out shopping with the intention of picking this up, whilst browsing around Superdrug I found 2True’s Rose cheek ‘n’ lip tint, a product which looked very similar to Benetint and at £1.99 its a fraction of the price.  2True is a brand sold in Superdrug, they have a wide range of products from foundation to false eye-lashes, each item is priced at £1.99 or three items for £4.99. I had nothing to lose by giving the tint a go before committing to purchasing Benefits product. Below are my comparisons.
Benefit’s Benetint retails at around £25 for 12.5ml and 2True’s tint costs £1.99 for 10 ml.  Both are for use on the lips and cheeks to add a flush of natural colour. I had no intention of using these on my cheeks but I tested it and the results were anything but natural so I have included arm swatches instead. They are both contained in a round glass bottle similar to nail polish, Benefit’s offering comes packaged in a cardboard box, 2True’s just comes as it is.
 Benetint is the product on the left.

Held up to the light (murky British sky)  you can see that there is very little difference in the colour of each product. Both have a nail polish style brush for application.

Benetint on the left.

Here is where the differences start, 2True’s applicator looks much neater and longer but when it came to using them I found Benefit’s applicator performed better, its much stiffer so the fluid applies evenly, 2True’s is softer and bends when any pressure is put on so you need to apply this using the flat side of  the brush and then drag it across the lips, which sounds much more fiddly than it actually is.
Both fluids are Rose scented, Benefit’s is a stronger scent and lasts longer, I love Rose scented products but not on items that I plan to use on my face, I don’t like smelling my make up, so I prefer 2True’s version for the aroma.
I was unable to make both products work on my cheeks, which I think is down to me and not the products, so I’ve tested them on my arm. There is a slight difference in the consistencies of both formulas, Benetint’s is a little thicker and dries quickly, 2True’s formula takes a few second longer to dry, the picture below shows two swipes of both products and my attempt at blending. Benetint is on the left and you can see that its spread out quite and totally dry, if you plan to use this one on your cheeks you need to work quickly, 2True on the right blended a little easier as it stayed wetter longer but I was still unable to get a “natural” look as it dried unevenly.  I didn’t plan to ever use this on my cheeks but if I did I would be disappointed in both products.

Benetint on left.

To test staying power I used a slightly damp flannel and a medium amount of pressure, I was quite surprised that Benetint came clean off whilst 2True held its ground, although it faded slightly, it’s clearly visible.
Both products apply easily on the lips and I used two coats of each for the swatches.  Because of the thinner formula of 2True’s (on the right) tint it felt like the liquid was running down my face, but when I checked I was pleased to see it had stayed in place. Because of Benetints quicker drying time the finished look appears a little patchy, something I hadn’t noticed before as I had nothing to compare it to.  Benetint also made my lips feel dry, when wearing 2True’s product my lips felt like I had nothing on. I like the finished look of 2True’s product more, it looks more natural in my opinion.

Benetint on the left, 2True on the right.

I am glad that I found 2True’s product as other than the soft brush I cant find any fault with it and find it performs better than Benefit’s more expensive tint. As you can probably guess, I didn’t purchase Benefit’s Benetint.



Hmm… This is great! I use Benefit’s Cha-Cha tint. I dab it on my fingers first then apply to my cheeks very quickly! It works well but it is a bit of a pain. And 1.99 is way better than 25.99 in my opinion.

I shall have to try the dabbing on my fingers, I never thought of that. Im not as dumb as I make myself out sometimes, honest :)

Just so you know, it took me a long time to figure it out!

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