{November 7, 2012}   Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash Review – Before and After.

I bought this product without actually knowing anything about the product. It cost me £10 for 10ml on my flight to Majorca. I purchased it as the blurb in the airline brochure intrigued me. This products is meant to strengthen, lengthen and thicken lashes. I’m pretty happy with my lashes but I’m willing to try anything that may enhance them.

Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash 10ml

Double Lash is a product made in Switzerland, its a nutritive treatment which claims the natural ingredients gives brightness and thickness to the lashes, you can also use this product on eyebrows to help them grow back in although I’ve not tried that yet.

  The formula is a white odourless liquid housed in a sturdy little glass bottle, however the label covers most of the glass so unless you peel it off, you cant see how much of the fluid is remaining.   Instructions for usage are super simple, you simply apply at night to clean lashes (or eyebrows). You apply it in the same manner as you would mascara, if this product does as it claims then you should see visible results within 30 days.  The bristles on the wand could do with being a bit softer as I found them a little scratchy when putting the wand close to my roots and bottom lashes.

If you should get any product into your eyes you simply blink it away and it does not sting or irritate the eyeballs should this happen, so you can place the wand right into the tricky to reach places without fear of blinding yourself.

I have been using this product religiously for five weeks now, applying to my lashes each night in addition to my usual routine. All the images have been taken indoors with a flash. Below is a shot of my lashes before I started using Double-Lash. I’m wearing no products on my eyes or the surrounding area and have not used lash curlers.

I found Double-Lash very easy to use and it literally took seconds, the fluid is still visible above the label so this is going to last a while. During my usage I noticed less lash fallout and my lashes looked darker in appearance, Im not too sure that they looked thicker but about two weeks in my Husband commented that my lashes looked “massive”  and my Husband never notices anything, so something about them must have looked different. My lashes felt and looked healthier than usual and my mascara glides on my lashes now. The image below is a shot of my lashes as they are now, taken yesterday in the same conditions as the before shot and again I’ve not used any curlers and I’m not wearing any products.

The lashes in the centre of my lid appear to have grown higher than the crease in my lid than in the first shot. My lashes also feel super soft. I will continue to use this product until it runs out ( which will be quite a way off) as I’m more than happy with the results that I have had. What do you guys think? Can you see a difference?

Just for fun I thought I would see what difference mascara would make, I had just purchased Great Lash by Maybelline so thought I’d try that.  The only products I’m wearing is a bit of brown eyeshadow and Great Lash mascara and to be kind of consistent I didnt use any curlers.


Yes- I see a difference. Your lashes in the before are lighter and they do seem thicker. Wait until you get the other mascara!

Yes- I see a difference. Your lashes in the before are lighter and they do seem thicker. Wait until you get the other mascara!

Your eyelashes look amazing!!! Especially with the mascara on!!! I want this stuff!!!

Thank you very much. I’m happy with the results, I’m currently testing it on my brows too.

Hi there is def a diference your eyelashes look a lot bigger and thicker i would like to try that product as i feel like my lashes dont look as long as they uses to

Thanks, im still the product and \i’ve been putting it on my brows and they seem to be thickening up a little.

TAIF says:

Is the product suitable for all eyes do him damage ..Wait for your reply soon

There is nothing written on the packaging about sensitivity issues so I would assume yes.

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