{November 6, 2012}   October Purchases.

Purchases Made During October.

I’m hoping to not spend as much this month as I did in September, however its my birthday on the 8th and I now have my heart set on the Urban Decay smoked palette.  I’d like to be able to add up the total and not feel guilty but I know it wont be happening.

Week 1 (1st – 7th October)

Nail Art Striping Tape – £1.95 for ten different coloured rolls from Ebay – Free Postage

Nail Art 3d Stickers – £2.43 for 15 assorted sheets from Ebay – Free Postage.

No7 Ultimate Nail Kit – £3.50 + £3 P&P from Ebay

Nail Art 5x double ended dotting pens – £2.65 from Ebay. Free Postage

Urban Decay Naked 2 – £21 from Ebay Auction – Original reciept supplied.

Attitude Professional Grade Matte Top Coat- £4.25 from Ebay.

She Said Beauty Box – £11.95

Rimmel lasting Finish – Misty Jade – £1.99 in local chemists.

Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat – Reduced to £1.14 in Tesco

Loccitane Rose Petal Hand Cream – Free with Marie Claire – £3.70

Benetint Sample – Free with instyle magazine – Special price £2.50 in Tesco

Revlon – Gold Coin – £1.50 in The Original Factory Shop

Essie – Mod Squad – £2.99 in The Original Factory Shop.

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Purple Pulse – £1.99 in local Chemists

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Double Decker Red – £1.99 in local Chemists.
Been after this for a while so was happy to see it reduced :)

Week 2 8th – 14th oct.

Double Lash – £10 on flight to Palma.

Wynie Blushes – 1 euro each in Majorca

Compact mirror – 4 euros in Majorca.

Liz Earl Cleans and Polish – Free with Red Magazine at Newcastle Airport – approx £4

Easy Paris Blue Glitter Top Coat – 2 Euros
Easy Paris Pink Hearts Top Coat – 2 Euros.
From Majorca

Yes Love Blue Glow In The Dark Polish – 2 Euros in Majorca.

Week 3 15th – 21st

Set Of 12 Stamping Plates and Five Dotting Pens – $12 from BornPretty website.

Missguided Lipsplash Lipgloss – Peace – Free with Cosmopolitan – £3.50

Rimmel Lipstick – Nude Bronze – £1 in The Factory Shop.

Week 4   22nd –  28th

Left To Right
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Silver Bullet – 89p-Boyes
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Coral Crush – 89p – Boyes
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Star Kissed – 89p – Boyes
Rimmel 60 Seconds – Instyle Coral – 89p- Boyes
Sinful Colours – Aqua – £1 in Poundland.
Colortrend Glitters – £1.99 – Avon Brochure.

2True Rose Lip and Cheek Stain – £1.99 – Superdrug.

Make Up Academy Blush With Free Gloss Tube – £1 – Superdrug.

Lord And Berry Soft Shine Lipstick – Black Cherry – £1 in Poundland

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lipsticks – Garnet,Plum Rose and Black Cherries – £1 each in Poundland.

Nail Art Brushes set of 12 – £2 – Ebay.

Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner – £2 – Ebay.

Colortrend Lipsticks – Glisten and Gleam – £1.99 each in Avon.


nattan323 says:

Wow, that’s a lot. I like the colour of Essie – Mod Squad and Rimmel lasting Finish – Misty Jade. They would be so nice and bright. The 2 blushes are great for 1 euro each! The nail stamps look good. I’ve found some that I want so I might buy them soon.

I should use my stamps more often than I do, a lot of them are still sealed, there is a Hello Kitty image on one of them which my Daughter wants me to try next.

nattan323 says:

Really? Try them out every now and then. Hello Kitty would be amazing! You should definitely try it. You could try it out on her nails too. =]

I always want to do her nails but she only likes her thumbs doing, she is 7 and loves biting them so she doesn’t have much nail to paint lol.

nattan323 says:

Aww. She sounds like my friends 10 year old neice. She always bites her nails and only wants the thumb painted. I painted nails at her neices party last year and it was so hard! Kids nails are tiny! Biting them makes them so small its hard to paint. Maybe some time in the future you will both be doing your nails together.

Stop! You’re making me homesick!! :) I just want to go home to Ireland and RAVAGE boots!!! lol!!

feeraa says:

Wow, you’ve been busy!

November’s is going to be a lot smaller, Im taking part in a nail polish swap so my budget is going on that this month.

I have to visit you so you can take me to Poundland! I would go nuts in there! I think you got a lot of things and I didn’t add it up but it looks like a nice haul. I can tell you that I probably buy a piece of make-up a day. I bought 2 eyeliners and 2 lipsticks today. That takes care of 4 days.

I didnt add it up either, my Husband thinks its a waste of money as I already have more than enough cosmetic products but he still gives me the cash as he knows it makes me happy :)
I’m cutting back during November as I’m taking part in a nail polish swap with a lady from the US so any disposable money is going on products for her. ( I say that but I know I’ll still spend on myself)

I’m telling you- with the exception of the Nakeds palette, all the other stuff was pretty much under 3 pounds. I’m impressed. We should do a swap when the holidays are over and money is a bit more available.

ooooh yes please, I would love to do a swap with you after the holidays, I’ll give you my email address etc closer to the time.

Yay! I am so excited!

Aw! I feel sad taking your haul money! I’ve got to make sure I make up for it! I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Also, soooo many awesome things you got!! I need to do inventory. But it scares me! Haha!

No don’t feel bad I need to spend less anyway so feel good that you are helping me :) I’m enjoying buying items more for you than I would myself.
I thought that by posting my purchases it would help me not spend so much but it didn’t work haha.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem! Haha! I’m addicted! Haha!!

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