{October 31, 2012}   Free Nails Inc Nail Polish – Choice of Four Shades.

Free with Decembers issue of Glamour magazine is a full sized 10ml Nails Inc nail polish. You have a choice of four varied shades. These retail at £11 a bottle, Glamour magazine is £2. You could own all four for less than it costs to buy one. Its in the shops now and I’ve got my copy. The choices are:

Glamour magazine Free Nails Inc November 2012

You also get three foil sachet samples within the pages these are Rimmel BB Cream in shade Light, Nivea Express Hydration Primer and Max Factor FaceFinity Foundation. I love getting these with magazines as I get to try products I’d not normally buy and they are great for popping in the car or handbag in case I get caught short. There is also two peel back perfume sniffy pages.

For £2, this months magazine is fantastic value, the magazine seems to be aimed at women in their early 20’s but they do have some decent articles in there, I like the handbag/travel friendly size of the mag which is great for reading in the bath (my fave place) or on the crapper (hubby’s fave place). Its a magazine I get every month, free gift or not, but I have to hand to this Glamour, they have had some fantastic freebies this year.

I chose Elizabeth Street as its unlike any colours I currently have, the other three shades didn’t really do it for me and I don’t have the kind of conscious that would allow me to bulk buy and resell on Ebay (its already happening).


I read Glamour in the US and we don’t get any of this. I am so jealous! When I was in London (in ’05-I’m due for another trip), I can’t tell you how many magazines I bought.

Now that I’ve actually tried the polish its a bit crap, glad I’ve only paid £2 and not the rrp of £11.

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