{October 19, 2012}   Lots of Rimmel Freebies.

Today has been a great day which has got me believing in fate. I made a random visit to my local chemist today it was chaos, lots of new deliveries and orders had arrived so there were boxes everywhere, I was about to have a rummage in the bargain box when the lady behind the counter handed me a paper bag and asked if I wanted the contents as they were just about to be thrown into the bin, I quickly peeked inside and my eyes must have lit up, I gushed lots and lots and lots of thank yous and practically skipped out of the shop feeling very happy.

Inside the bag was a large amount of unused Rimmel testers, I’m so glad I made the visit to the chemists at the time I did, a few minutes later and these gems would have been in the bin. Here is what I got.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in shades 100, 103 and 201


Rimmel Blushers in shades Smoked Oyster and Pink Rose.
Also not pictured is a rimmel bronzing powder in shade light matte


Full sized Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in shades
Snog (I got two)
No Regrets ( I already own and love)
Pin Up
Her Majesty.


Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lipstain and balm in shade Perpetual Plum


Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks in shades
True vintage
Fudge Brownie.
Pink Blush
Nude Pink
Sweetie (I’ve been considering buying this one)
Burning Desire
Starry Eyed ( I got two)


Rimmel is one of my favourite brands and I love every single shade that was in the bag. I still cant believe that I got these for free. The items that I already own or have two of I have given to my mates. Other than the foundations and lipsticks the products are full sized. I’m so so happy. What is the best freebie you have gotten?






Naomi says:

Wow! How lucky! :D

Yay, how amazing is that? *please happen when I next go to the chemist, or even better Superdrug!!!* best freebie I have gotten, a goodie bag full of cosmetics, perfume, hair stuff and jewelry worth over 300 pound! x

Oooh tell me more! What was in the bag and how did you get it? Freebies are the best ever, especially unexpected ones.

I am a member of the website http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk and use their forums quite a lot! Each month they have a goodie bag giveaway under competitions and luckily I was picked!

Hmm, from what I can remember there was a 50ml bottle of perfume by Fergie, a few big brand hair products, lots of lipglosses/mascaras and a few nail polishes. Also a pole dancing DVD lol!
An amazing Estee Lauder eye palette which I adored, a memory stick for the laptop, a silver bracelet, a few make up brushes..was very nice and made my year! x

Oh my word!!! I’m so jealous! Well done you!!!!

That is fantastic! Lucky!

Wow you are so lucky! I was in lush once and they gave me a christmas present because I was a loyal customer. And once they kept giving me free cleanser! :)

Wow, what was the present?
I have missed a few of your posts as for some reason they are not showing up in my reader even though I follow you. I’ll catch up and read them tomorrow.

Cool, I havent done many recently though. I got the magic wand bubble bar and my friend got vanilary perfume. :)

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