{October 4, 2012}   Rimmel and Revlon..

Here are my nails for today.  Because I have already made two individual posts with my nails this week Im just going to keep on doing so for the rest of this week then it will be back to all in one post on a Monday.

A lot of my nail art orders are starting to turn up and I am keen to try them all and each technique but sadly I am not multi talented and can only manage one new skill at a time., I decided to have another go with the striping tape.

I purchased a few new polishes yesterday and Im keen to try them out so I firstly applied a coat of my trusted Essie’s Fill the Gap base coat followed by two coats of  Rimmel Lasting Finish Double Decker Red, this is red red, it just screams REDDDDD, another coat would have been better as when held to the light my nail line is still visible, I waited for the polish to slighty dry and then applied striping tape on the top left nail corners on my left hand and the top right nail corner and my right hand. I then filled in the corners with Revlons Gold Coin, I only applied one coat and the red just peeks through but I kind of like it, two coats would have been opaque, I then left it to dry overnight and applied my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat this morning.

I’m really not sure about these two colours together but I’d not seen this combination while googling for inspiration, the Gold looks stunning under direct sunlight. Im happy with the striping tape though, it stayed in place and came of easily so Im looking forward toworking with it again.

Facing direct sunlight.


This combo is fantastic!

Hi thank you, as i was running short on time to update it I added I added a row of gold dots and then applied a matte finish top coat. The red looks much better I think now, not so much in your face.

That sounds exciting! Like to see how that turned out!

Pixie Dust and Fairytales says:

I like the design you’ve done here :-)

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