{October 3, 2012}   Nov Issue Marie Claire – Great Free Gifts.

I have been excitedly waiting for the November Issue of Marie Claire, in the October Issue they announced that Novembers free gift was a full sized 30ml tube of L’occitane Hand Cream.

This is not due out until tomorrow (4th) so I was a little suprised to find it on the shelves at Morrisons earlier today and even more suprised to find another free gift, a 50ml Dove hair therapy colour radience treatment conditioner. Inside the magazine is also a 1.5ml sachet of Clarins Skin Illuminater. For £3.70 thats amazing value.

There are four scents of full sized hand cream to choose from, they are Mango Flower, Date Bouquet, Rose Petal and the Original dry hand cream, the first three are limited editions. There is also 20% off purchases online. I had already decided that I would quite like the Rose Petal one and thankfully I managed to grab the last one. The tube is easy to squeeze and gives you great control over the amount of product which comes out, the cream itself absorbs really quickly and you do need quite a lot of product for your hands to feel sufficiently moisturised but my word the smell is divine.  I’m really keen to try the other two limited editions, they are priced at £8 each on the L’occitane website or you can purchase the full set of three in a cute little collectors tin for £20.

Happy Hands Creme Mains

Taking into account the 20% off thats not a bad deal but it will only cost you a total of £11.10 to obtain each one by buying three copies of the magazine or £14.80 if you also wanted the original one, and remember you will also get three large samples of the Dove gift too. Bargain I think and much much more goodies for your money than the crappy Beauty Box  from yesterday.

Will you be purchasing this magazine?, which scent would you go for?


I’m going to look out for this! It’s an amazing deal!

It is isnt it? Let me know which type you end up getting. Im seriously considering buying a couple more issues for the other scented ones.

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