{October 3, 2012}   A Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure.

I really did not want to take my wedding manicure off as it was in such good condition and looked so new but I was keen to start working my way through some of my untrieds, I need to stop purchasing polish because Im finding it harder and harder to select colours and ones that I bought because I loved the color now seem a bit blegh. I was reading through the blogs that I follow when I came across Polish Alcohic’s post about The Subtle Shimmers Polish Us Pink Event. Like many others I have lost someone close to me to this awful disease and know many women who are currently bravely battling it and I knew that I had to paint my nails pink and will be doing a pink design on each Monday for the rest of the month.

 I do not have anywhere near the amount of skill as Polish Alcoholic and I reccomend that you follow her blog, even if your not interested in polish her designs will impress you and she gives great advice and always replies.

As it happens I had just purchased Essies – Mod Squad that very day but its a very bright pink and I was worried about it looking too much on every nail so I painted alternating nails with Essies Mod Squad and Muchi Muchi. My striping tape order also arrived yesterday morning and I was very keen to try it out, I was worried about it sticking to the wet polish in places I didnt want so I waited until this morning to stick it on. The tape stuck to everything but my nail, I tried applying a top coat to help stick it down but the tape colour bled tape still peeled away one the top coat dried, despite it not sticking to the nail it still pulled away a good chunk of polish when I removed it. Next time I shall apply when my polish is tacky.

Anyway here is my finished article – go ahead and piss yourself laughing :)


fashionforlunch says:

Cute, but also really thoughtful.
Lovely idea

Thank you so very much, kind of makes you realise how lucky you are and not to take good health for granted,

Hi there!
Great mani you’ve done! Love what you’ve done with the stripes.
To make sure your mani is linked on The Subtle Shimmer’s page you need to add a link in your post. The easiest way to do that is to copy the following link in your post:

After doing that go to the post and click on the link. You will be forwarded to a page where you can see all the links and pictures of the girls who are participating in this event. Scroll down and click on the “add your link” button. There you can fill in your link, name and e-mail address. Simply copy the link that leads to your post and paste it into the “URL” box.

Then follow the other two steps (or skip the second step) where you can add the picture of your mani.

You should see your link and photo now in the list of participants.

I hope this works for you. If not, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you!

Hmmm I see that the link I’ve added is not whowing in my reply. So hope it works through this one:

Copy the code that is named “code n.2”

Thank you so much for your time – Im not ver technological so this suff is hard for me. Im actually a bit afraid to link it up as all your manis are so professional.

Oh my that’s so sweet! But your mani’s are also lovable! So, you really need to put yourself out there! You’re worth it!

This is a beautiful mani!! I love the alternating colors!!! Also, your trials with your striping tape is helpful! I’ve just recently gotten some but haven’t tried it. Now I know to try it tacky! I look forward to you next Breast Cancer Mani!!

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