{September 15, 2012}   Nivea Wonder Gloss Balm and Lighters.

Before I prattle on about the gloss I just want to show you the pack of lighters I picked up in Poundworld. Pack of 4 refillable for £1. I think they are so cute.


Nivea Gloss wonder Balm – £1 each in Poundworld.

Use within 12 months.

 I have had these for a while now, however I checked in my local store yesterday and they still have a large amount in stock. I saw six shades to choose from – Mango – Cherry – Berry – Bellini – Rose and Clear. I bought a tube of all except the clear one as I already have too many clear glosses. From the details on the front each gloss has a spf of 15 and also contains Argon Oil, Mango Butter and Cacao Butter, to be honest I have no idea what any of these are but they sound good. Each tube has a generous 14ml amount of product contained in a squeezable tube, and are able to stand alone on the lid which I like as, should I ever reach the end of a tube I’ll be able to use the full amount.

 The applicator consists of a hard piece of plastic which is slanted and has a good sized hole to dispense the product from when the tube is squeezed.

Pretty straight forward right? Sadly, no. its actually pretty difficult to squeeze the right amount of gloss out, it may just be me but every time I have used these I have squeezed way too much product out, this may be down to the fact that they are pretty new so pretty full, time will tell.

Left To Right – Mango-Cherry-Berry-Bellini-Rose

The formula is quite heavy and thick, you can definatley feel that you are wearing gloss with these, they also have a greasy/oily feel to them which lasts long after the gloss has gone, I assumed that these would taste and smell of their names and I was slightly saddened to find they are unscented and unflavoured. the little girl in me loves a nice smelling tasted gloss. Each shade , with the exeption of Mango, looks highly pigmented in the tube and also when swatched on my arm, so I was looking forward to trying these out as I really liked every shade, especially the cherry one.

To give you another view of the colours I swatched on my lips, this is not something I feel comfortable doing as I contracted Bells Palsy when I was a teenager and although I got %90 better it shows up really really badly in photographs, you will never see a photo of me smiling, I was badly teased at school about it and am very conscious having photos taken of myself, hence why I crop out my lips or eyes as I really do not photograph well. I really mean it when I tell photographers to get my good side :) If you would like to know anything about the condition dont hesitate to ask.

Anyway here is what all the shades look like on the lips, I was dissappointed that the pay off was not as strong as the arm swatches and as you can see, with the excpetion of cherry, they all look pretty similar in colour.






Out of the five I prefer Cherry and Rose, what do you think? I wouldn’t repurchase these as they are too thick for my liking, but they lasted a good few hours and due to the spf they served me well on holiday, they were ideal to throw in a beach bag and if they got lost it didnt matter as they were so cheap.


Ooh, I will have to get some of these. I love the nivea lip balms but have never heard of the glosses. The colours look great on you! x

Thank you so very much xoxo

The cherry and rose are gorgeous and look beautiful on you! Too bad I can’t find these in the US.

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