{September 14, 2012}   Leibster Thingy – Ma- Jig

I used to love getting chain letters when I was a little girl so when Pixie Dust And Fairytakes put me forward to this I was pretty chuffed. What a great way to ramble on about myself with a valid reason. I can’t do linky things so Im just gonna copy and paste the rules etc from Pixie’s blog. :)

The rules are:

1) Post eleven facts about yourself

2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated

3) Choose eleven people to give this award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post

4) Go to their page and tell them

5) Remember, no tag backs

Eleven Random Interesting Facts About Me.

1. I cant drive and don’t think I ever will as I’m too nervous on the roads.

2. I do not like snow, ice or cold weather.

3. I love being right.

4. I hate being wrong.

5. I try not to take the good thing sin my life for granted.

6. I secretly watch children’s tv when I’m home alone.

7.  I’m not a fan of dogs, especially big scarey ones.

8.  I love to crochet and make lovely warm blankets and amigurumi.

9. I love a tidy house but hate housework.

10. I dont like confrontation and avoid wherever possible.

11. I love Family Guy and watch the box sets over and over.

Now the answers to Pixies eleven questions.

1. How long have you been blogging? And what made you start?

My blog post was made on 14th August 2012 so compared to many other blogs mine is still a baby. I decided to make a blog as I am sure that I drive the people around me potty with my chatter about make-up and nail varnish.

2.What is the main focus of your blog? (e.g. nails, make up, reviews?)

I’m still trying to find a direction for my blog, I am like a magpie and while my current passion is beauty next month it could be trainspotting so for the moment I’m enjoying reading and learning and experimenting with my make-up.

3. How often, on average, do you think “Hmmm…I could blog that!”?

I look at my collection of cosmetics almost everyday and think I must blog about that. Then I think about taking photos etc and before I know it the day has gone and I have done nothing.

4. Have you mentioned your blogging to friends and family or do you prefer to keep it private?

The only person who knows about my blogging is my fiance and I plan to keep it that way., as I may want to rant about my family in the future (I can almost guarentee this) and would feel censoured if I knew they were reading.

5. What do you look for when reading a new blog? Numbers of followers? Quality of photos?

I look for things I can relate to so at the moment I follow a lot of beauty blogs. I dont care about followers or photos, its the content that keeps me interested. I try to leave comments wherever possible as it shows I have actually read the post and not just clicked like for the sake of it.  Photos are great but if the content is good then they dont matter.

6. How do you take the best photos for your blog?

I use my Nokia N8 mobile phone to take my pictures. It has a 12 megapixel camera which does a good  job. I dont even own a camera as I gave it away. I have had this phone for almost two years and my fiance paid £300 + for it, he is so good to me.

7. What’s your best beauty bargain?

Without a doubt it has to be my Stila tinted mousturiser (£1 in poundland) and my Stila It Gloss (25p in Factory Shop) I use both of these a lot.

8. What are some of your holy grail products?

I love love love my GHD hair straightners. I have had mine for over three years now and they are still as good as when I first bought them, if these ever conked I would only ever buy GHD again.

9. How long does it take you to get ready for an average day?

This varies from day to day it can be anywhere from ten mins up to an hour, but typically I get up and put on moisturiser, while that is sinking in I get my Daughter ready for school, before I leave house I’ll apply either BB balm or tinted moisturiser, then when I come home I’ll potter about applying bits more as I go. I paint my nails on an evening while watching tv and I also straighten my hair on a night to save time in the morning. Im lucky that it stays straight during the night and still looks good when I get up. I like to expreiment with colours before I remove my make up.

10. Do you tone down your make-up look for work?

I tend to go for a neutral/natural look anyway and more dramtic looks for a night out so this is not a problem for me.

11. If you could only wear one nail varnish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is sooo hard to choose, I owuld have to say a french manicure as its suitable for all occasion and always look great and goes with anything.

My eleven questions for you guys are

1. Do you read the blogs that you follow on a regular basis?

2. What is your greatest achievments on any Angry Birds game.

3. Which celebrities style/personality do you most admire?

4. At what age did you start wearing cosmetics and why?

5. Have you or would you consider having plastic surgery ?

6. Which cosmetic items would you never reccomend?

7. Do you like to shop with your friends or solo?

8. If a friend really loved something that made her look awful would you tell her?

9.What is the most expensive item you have bought? (can be anything)

10. Handmade gifts – thoughtful and chic or cheap and taccy?

11. Favourite book and why?

I would like to tag – http://whatthenail.wordpress.com  http://sparklegirlslife.wordpress.com   

http://majormakeupmadness123.wordpress.com   http://alicelouiseswonderland.wordpress.com

http://lifeofbun.wordpress.com  http://kjyummy.wordpress.com/ becausemollysaidso.wordpress.com

http://beautifulkayekie.wordpress.com   http://rookienails.wordpress.com http://themillipedeofhappiness.wordpress.com


Pixie Dust and Fairytales says:

:-D Yay!

I MUST look for Stila in my Poundland…

They still have the angel lightening foundation in mine but only in very dark shades. The moisturiser flew off the shelves lol

Pixie Dust and Fairytales says:

I can imagine!

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