{September 10, 2012}   Nails Of The Week #1

Along with my new love of make up I also discovered a love of Nail Polish. I love love bright colours and nail polish allows me to show that without looking like a clown. I have collected quite a few over the last few months and Im currently working on swatching them all and putting them into some kind of order.

I have decided that on Mondays I will post what I have been wearing on my nails the previous week,  I usually wear my polish until the first chip appears or I’ll change when Im bored.  I am pretty useless at applying polish so don’t be suprised to find my fingers covered :) If you can reccomend any good techniques that would be great.

W7 – Mosaic.

I bought this after reading a review on alicab’s blog – (sorry I dont know how to link) where she discovered that this is a very good dupe for “Nails Inc – Pudding Lane” there are other shades in this range and I already have Lava Flow, I think I will pass on Salt and Pepper as they are botha bit similar. Pop over to Aliciab’s blog for swatches on all three. I wore this for two days before becoming bored and wanting a change. This only had slight tip wear despite me doing some heavy duty housework. I will say that due to the amount of glitter this was an utter pain to remove.

This was my first attempt at sponging and Im quite happy with how it turned out, I got two days out of this before I got a massive chip, so off it came. First I used Boots Natural Collection French tip whitener, then I applied Rimmel-  Sunrise, Rimmel – Peardrop, Rimmel camoflage and Essie – To Buy Or Not To Buy to a peice of make up sponge and dabbed it on at random over my white base. Im pleased with how the cours came out in pastel shades as they are really bright in the bottle (swatches to come later). I was already becoming board the next day so I applied Revlon Sweet Nothings – Satin Sheets over the top which gave a lovely milky glittery affect, I removed because I wanted a change, no chipping after two days. *Note to self* Remember to tape up fingers next time….

This is my first and probably last attempt at marbeling with water. I wont go into details about it as there are hundreds of you-tube videos on this method. I had fun doing this but not cleaning up afterwards. I applied a white base to begin with and then used Boots Natural Collection in shades – winter moon – topaz and lunar haze. I got bored of this quickly and removed after one day. If I ever did this again I will add more polish to the water for brighter colours.

I decided to cut my nails back to make them all one lengh, this is the shortest my nails have been for a very long time but I like them, after giving my hands a bit of a pamper and a good soak I applied Rimmel – Black Cherries and I was really please with this colour and also this is my tidiest ever application of varnish. I only removed because it peeled off in the bath the following day.

And this is what my nails look like today. I have used Rimmel – Pear Drop as the main colour and Essie – To Buy or Not To Buy for the tips. I’m not to sure how I feel about it but there are no signs of chips so I’ll leave it for now. Pear Drop looks a greenish shade in the bottles but once dry it looks more blue on me. *edit* I removed on tuesday 11th september so got a good three days out of this, I ould have got longer if I touched up the tips but I was keen to change.

How often do you change your polish? What are your favourite techniques for applying?

Thank you for reading and for any comments…..


Pixie Dust and Fairytales says:

Black cherries is my favourite nail polish! I get through so many bottles of it!!

Thank you, I love the rimmel shades, I’ve not found one I dont like yet.

Pretty nails! I usually change my polish 1-2 times a week, maybe more if I am going somewhere special that I want to match my nails for!

aliciab says:

Mosaic looks great on you! Also, thanks for the mention. To link anything to one of your posts, just click the little symbol that looks like a chain (it’s next to where you can align your text to the left, center, or right). It will open a little window where you can enter the URL to the website you wish to link!

Thank you so much, I will edit tomorrow and see if it works :)

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