{September 5, 2012}   My Magnetic Palette..

Hello again.

For a while I have been wanting one of those magnetic palettes for storing your eyeshadows. I have several single shades which I hardly ever bother with as I cant be arsed rummaging around to find them, sadly the prices are out of my budget for now and I’m not gonna drop any not-so-casual comments to the fella as he was kind enough to get me my Naked palette, so I figured I would make my own. How hard can it be right?

The search of little girls bedroom room was pointless, she had nothing I could steal so off we went to town. I saw this in Boyes for 99p. I was tempted to pick up a few but thought I’d better see if it works first. I also bought some magnetic tape while I was in there for £1.49.

I could have left the tin as it was but it looked crap. I found some pretty paper in my little girls room and after cutting it down to size I stuck it on the top and bottom using strips of cellotape. I also had a peice of paper left which fit in the bottom inside perfectly.

Inside the tin was a piece of card, I decided to cut out my favourite eye designs from magazines and make like a collage, again I just stuck them on using celloptape. It fit into the inside top lid perfectly.

Now for the eye shadows, if I had any kind of sense I would have looked for tutorials on how to depot, but no, I went at my shadows with my fella’s snips and winged it. I basically cut off as much as the plastic as possible, (do this under a towel as bits fly everywhere) I then soaked them in a few mls of boiling water for a few seconds to soften he glue.

I then took a very sharp knife and wiggled it under the pan and out popped the shadow. Sadly a few totally broke, these were all cheapy purchases so not the end of the world but I loved the redish “siren” shade so I rescued what I could and set that aside. I then labelled the pans on the underside with a permanant marker and stuck a small piece of magnetic tape on and popped them into the tin. Nrevously I closed the lid and Hey presto! it worked.

I have a few more I need to depot but that can wait for a little while. Now remember the broken shadow I set aside? I remembere reading somewhere about mixing shadows with vaseline to make a lip tint, so that exactly what I did and here is the result. What do you think?


kjyummy says:

Wow, how clever!! I must admit, I’ve looked at the ‘z’ palettes (think that’s what there called) on eBay, and thought they were a bit pricey, will definitely look out for a tin of cheap pencils – my son has a humongous long tin but ink that’d be way to big LOL

fashiongonerouge says:

wowo really clever so going to try this ou t :) check out my blog new to this xx thanks xo

Hi, I am new to blogging also. I will pop over to your blog when I have a bit more time so I can read properly. Thank you for taking the time to comment

kjyummy says:

Yay, I bought a tin from Tesco (was with the reduced back to school stuff, did have 12 art pencils in and was £1) – have not been that successful at depotting though LOL – I need more patience x

Did you have a look on you tube, there are lots of tutorials on there. I think i justgot really lucky with mine. I just hacked at them with the snips lol. make sure you post pics if you successfuly complete.

Oh my word! I love this idea! I have been wanting a magnetic palette as well but I haven’t convinced myself to spend the money. I may look into doing this! And I love the eye inspiration you put in the lid :)

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