{September 4, 2012}   Holiday + Purchases = Happy Me

I had a great time on holiday in Spain. My purchases started in the airport on the way out.

I stayed away from the expensive stuff seeing as were on a budget and had a whole week ahead of us but could not resist these in Claire’s. Six mini bottles of glittery polish which cost £6 and the larger bottle on the end is an impulse buy, a UV glow top coat which cost £3. The glitter looks lovely on top of a matching polish and gave me something to do on the two hour flight.


Right next to our resort (Santa Suzanna) was a large indoor shopping centre which housed a large variety of shops. Inside was a cute little cosmetics shop which stocked L’oreal and other drugstore brands but the prices were crazy high, I did spot this is the window for 4 euros and could not resist the packaging and bright colours. The swatches are just a couple of random colours.

Now that I had these polishes I needed remover, I did pack my twist and shout but it burst during the flight and leaked all over. I bought these in Lidl for one euro each, the packaging is cool, you simply put your cotton pad over the top and push down and just the right amount comes out, Im using less remover and less cotton as a result so win win, it also has a flowery scent mixed in with the remover odour. They probably have these in UK Lidl’s, Im not sure.

My last purchase is the best and I love love love my fella for buying this for me. I saw an item in the Ryanair catalogue on the outbound flight and  not-so-casually mentioned that I would like it, my brilliant man told me to buy it the night before our departure, I hardly slept that night with excitment. Reminded me of waiting for Santa. By the time we boarded the plane I was super tired but there was absolutley no way I was going to sleep in case I missed the duty free trolley. Anyway, the trolley came, after some confusion the assistant found my item and 36 euros lighter Im now the proud owner of ……

I spent the rest of the flight staring and smiling at my gift. I am having so much fun experimenting with the shades and I dont feel to bad about the price as it works out at like 3 euro per shadow, similar to drugstore brands. Only problem is I now want Naked 2. I wonder if Thomsons will have them on my next flight to Spain :)

Do you prefer Naked1 or Naked2 ?


Im happy you like the Naked palette and your other purchases. I really want the Naked 2 palette aswell. Im just hoping for christmas! :) x

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