{September 2, 2012}   Giveaway Winner.

Sorry its a day late, I came back from Spain on Thursday and then came down witha flu like illness. My face skin has dried out so bad that I cant use any make up. If anyone can reccomend anything for this I would be most grateful.

The winner of the tinted moisturiser is Tresors De Luxe. Congratulations and I hope you like it. If you send me your postal address I will get it packaged and shipped to you sometime this week.

I bought a few goodies during my time away which I cant wait to show you all, just need to take photos.


How exciting to have won! Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well…you might want to try something really natural and soothing for your skin, like almond oil or even coconut oil both you can purchase at any natural food store. If you can email us at: tresorsdeluxe@gmail and we’ll email you the shipping address, thank you! We’ll be doing a giveaway shortly, once we hit our 1,000 follower! XX!

Hi, is that the full email address or does it end in .com? I will email you today with a request for your address as I’m having a bit of trouble getting into my email account. Thank you.

That’s the full email address :) Thank you SO much!

Im having difficulty email you as it says its not a full email address and refuses to send. Is there another address I can contact you at?

I added .com at the end. hopefully the email will reach you :)

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