{August 20, 2012}   Small Stilla Bundle and a Give Away..

I go to Poundland at least once a week. I am lucky to have a Poundland and a Poundworld within a short distance for me. There is something about those places that draws me in. I have picked up many fantastic cosmetic items from there, all of which I’ll tell you about over the next few weeks but today I wanted to share with you my Stila products that I picked up last week. These items are still in stock in my local poundland (not the lipgloss) but are growing very small in numbers, so I would be quick if you want to get your hands on these.  See the end of post for the give away.


I skipped all the way home with these purchases in my bag. I have done some swatches for you, I’m not sure if swatches are something people want to see, if they are too boring please let me know.

Tinted Moisturiser. £1 each in Poundland.

I love the pretty little cardboard box these come in, so girly and pretty. They only had two shades of this in stock but I believe other stores have a wider selection, I picked up three in light 03 and one in dark 02. These are full size bottles with a lot of product in. The spf of 30 is pretty impressive and its also oil free, another bonus. I like the solid plastic tube, its sturdy so I know it wont get squashed in my bag and it looks very posh stood up on my dressing table (a manky chest of drawers with a very old mirror). Originally I found squeezing the product out very tricky as the tube is pretty stiff and on my first use I squirted way too much product out, I now know to give a light squeeze to the very top of the tube, this gives me more control of the amount product that comes out.

Swatches: as I said I picked this up in a light shade and a dark shade, I was hoping the dark shade may be suitable for my skin once I have a tan. Both images are taken outdoors with no flash, the light is on the left and dark on the right.

There is a very big difference between the shades and no way is the dark one ever going to work on my skin tone, this is what they look like after blending.

I love love love the light shade and have been wearing this everyday since purchase, I am so glad I picked up back ups as only the dark shade is left in Poundland now. I just wished I picked up a couple more tubes. For £1 this is a total bargain.


Angelic Lightening Powder Foundation. £1 each in Poundland

These are compact refills but I find the plastic packaging this comes in perfect for storage, you also get a sponge apllicator which I have not pictured for fear of shame, they are grubby and need cleaning. I picked up three of these and did not realise they were different shades until I got home. I have two shade e’s and a b. I knew that the lighter shade would be fine but the dark one looked alarmingly like the dark shade of moisturiser, however they apply much lighter than they appear and both shades will work on me at various times of the year and they also have a spf of  26 which is great. I’m one happy bunny.

Reading some reviews on these products I learnt that they were initially only available in Asia, they were intended to lighten darker skin tones, not sure how true that is ( cant believe everything you read etc) but I find it hard to believe that these would look good/ blend well on very dark tones as they seem so light.

Swatches, as before the lighter shade is on the left, which you can hardly see and the darker one only just. I’m hoping this works perfect when I tan a little. Image taken outdoors without a flash. I also think I need to consider an arm wax :)

Eyeshadow Palette. £1 in Poundland.

Do I own any Stila eyeshadows? No, but I could not resist buying one of these. Its basically an empty eyeshadow palette with four circles with a magnetic base for you to put your own shadows in.

The case itself is very sturdy and the size of the mirror is more than adequate. You can see your whole face and neck so it would be easy to apply you whole face make up with this and I love the idea that you customise the palette with four shades of your own choice (I know its not a new idea but I’m new to make up and still easily impressed) It could be improved by having a space for an applicater but I am very happy with it for £1, now all I need is some shadows to put in it. I have several cheapy ones kicking around which at some point I will try in this. Fingers crossed they fit.

Stila It Gloss – The Original Factory Shop – 25 pence.

Yes you read correctly, this little tube of lovliness cost me only 25 pence. I almost passed out with excitement when I saw it looking lonely in the discount box amongst crumbly shadows and odd splodged tubes of foundation. The product was fully sealed and only needed a wipe then it was as good as new. I rummaged and rummaged but shade Angel was the only one there. I guess i was pushing my luck hoping to find more.

The packaging is pretty cute and the wand has a bristled brush for application, I personally prefer the sponge tipped wands but for 25p you wont hear me complaining. In the tube the formula looks like a sparkly white, this teamed with packaging reminds me of christmas,  I dont know how I came to that but my mind works funny sometimes.

As with the other Stila products I expected this to have a spf but no it didn’t, nevermind. As you can see from the swatch the formula looks pretty thick. It felt very sticky on my arm and took a good scrub to remove it.

Thanfully the pigment really dulled down when I applied it to my lips, white lips is not agreat look on me, image taken outdoors with no flash.

I love it and think this would work great as a top coat over some of my other dryish lipsticks. It is odourless and tastless which I like, some smelly glosses put me off wearing them. I wore it for a good three hours before it wore away. This is one product that is definatley coming with me on holidays.



Because the Stila Tinted Moisturiser in Warm (Dark 02) is never ever going to work on me I’m going to give it away, it has only had the product for the swatch squeezed out so is still full.

All I ask is that you leave a comment to say you have followed the blog and would like to enter, on Saturday 1st september I will draw a follower’s name from a hat (very hi-tech) and that person can have it.

I’ll post this overseas so it is open to everyone and anyone. Good Luck.






We are officially following your FAB blog! We’d like to enter the giveaway :)

love you affordable yet chic approach to make up shopping I cant believe you found these in a pound store amazing , Ive just bought an amazing stila eyeshadow palette hope the £ 25 investment pays off as my make up shopping habits are proving costly may have to check out pound shops near to me, thanks :)

Thank you, I try not to spemd a lot on make up as I’m quite new to it and still learning what colours work for me, I’d hate to spend a fortune on something that made me look like a clown. I also dont have a lot of money so I find if I buy cheaper I can buy more. Its owrking for me at the moment.
Having said that my hubby treated me to the Naked Palette on our flight home from holiday and I can see a big difference quality wise.

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