{August 20, 2012}   Attitude Tinted Lip Balm.

Whilst browsing in Poundland the packaging of this product grabbed my attention. I am a sucker for anything pink and these just screamed – ” BUY ME”  – so I did. Seeing as these were only £1 each I can justify my purchase to myself by arguing that other tinted lip balms can cost more than £4 for one.

There was four shades to choose from, Dewberry ( a dark purple ) Chocolate ( a rich brown ) Raspberry ( a reddish pink) and Bubblegum ( a very light pink) they also had a green tea tree concealer in the range but my skin does not like tea tree so I left that one behind. I love the clear cap which allows you too see the colour of the product, many of the tinted lip balms I have purchased in the past do not allow you to do this until the cap is removed. Not a problem in Boots but Poundland dont do testers.

I am planning a trip to Spain soon and figured that these would be ideal for daytime wear on the beach however on reading the packaging further when I got home I realised there is no spf. I cant really complain about that for the price but if it something important to you, you’ll have to take that into account before purchasing. I also love the fact that these were desginded and produced in England, I’m not sure why but it eased my guilt about buying items I dont really need.

They have a slight smell (chocolate smells of chocolate etc) but its not too overpowering and dissappears shortly after applying. they have no taste  They do feel quite moist on the lips but that is what I want as I’ll be wearing them in heat. After applying the Dewberry I had a cup of coffee and a cigarette and was pretty impressed to see it still there, however after my second cup an hour later there was only a slight cast left. It lasted for almost two hours but would have been longer had I not drunk coffee and smoked. Not bad staying power for the price.

On to the swatches. The first image is taken without a flash, the second image is with flash.  From left to right Chocolate, Dewberry, Raspberry,Bubblegum.


As you can see the Dewberry and Raspberry are the most pigmented. The chocolate is not too bad but judging the pruduct in the tube I was expecting a lot more colour. I’m pretty dissappointed with the Bubblegum as it barely shows up. They apply sheer so if you want a lot of colour I’d give these a miss but for just a hint of shine and colour they are perfect. I’d reccomend the Dewberry and Raspberry.

Which tinted lip balm would you reccomend?


Nicole says:

Elf has some nice tinted lip balms, they are super cheap as well!

Thank you , I have been stalking the ELF page for a while now – they ave quite a few things I would like to try.

Nicole says:

I will be posting a huge Elf haul soon on my blog, check it out If you want :)

Thank you, I have followed to make sure I dont miss it.

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