{August 19, 2012}   Chit Chat Gel Eyeliner

Product: Chit Chat Gel Eyliner and Applicater  –  Use within 6 months of opening.

Price: £1

Available at: Poundland.

One of my most favourite items of cosmetics is eyeliner. I love love love it.  I have been keen to get my hands on a gel eye liner so you can imagine my delight when I came across this product in “Poundland”

CHIT CHAT is Poundland’s own brand of cosmetics and depending on which store you use they have a great selection of products from concealer to nail varnish. This is not the first item I purchased from the range and I will review the other items very soon.

As you can guess this product cost £1 for the gel eyeliner and the brush. The only shade I saw was black.  I actually bought this about a week ago and on first application I was very impressed with the pigment, the brush is pretty good quality and makes applying very easy, you can get right into the lash line.  The applicater picks up just the right amount of product and it glides on like silk, the eyeliner itself is odour free. Everything looked promising. so far so good, however when I looked in the mirror about half an hour later the liner had transfered to the top of my lids and had dulled down to a greyish colour. Not good.

I was ready to throw the product into the bin or give it away when I read about setting gel eyeliner with an eye shadow, like I have said, I am new to the world of make up and still have an awful lot to learn. Sooo I gave this another go and I have to say it has made a very big difference. I am now in love with this eye liner. I applied the liner with the included applicater and then pressed a small amount of black eye shadow over the top using a brow brush that I had knocking around. This intensified the colour and stopped it tranferring to my upper lid.  I didn’t wear any mascara or any other products for the shots in the hope you could see how black this eyeliner appears, and of course the camera has picked up every hair and wrinkle on my face and made them look much much worse.

I have now been wearing this for over three hours and it looks as good as it did when I first applied it. I am so thankful that I read the tip about setting the gel eyeliner as this product would be lying in the bottom of bin somewhere.

I was not planning on going anywhere today so decided to have a bit of an experiment with my eyeshadows (which I applied on top of the eyliner) and this is what I came up with. What’s you honest opinion?

Which shades of eyeshadow do you think work well together?


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