{August 18, 2012}   Boots 17 BB Cream And Free Products.


I have been wanting to jump on the BB bandwagon for a long time now. I have spent a lot of time reading online reviews to find a good quality one that was within my price range and I settled on Boots 17 Blemish Balm. Not only does this product have some good reviews but it is currently on sale at the reduced price of £5.99 for 30 ml instead of £6.99. That price is reasonable enough but Boots also have a promotion running where if you spend £5.99 on the 17 range you also get a free”Get Bronzed” make up box.  A fantastic deal I think.



The Blemish Balm itself came in light and medium, I’m not sure if these are the only shades in the range or if its all they had out on the shelves. I chose the light shade. I really could not wait to try this out and did not wear any make up so that when I got home I could apply it straight away.

The product has a spf of 25 which is a bonus for me as I burn very easily. The packaging is sturdy and small enough to fit into a handbag. i found the plastic tube a little difficult to squeeze and ended up squirting quite a bit of product out. As soon as the liquid came out I was shocked at how dark it seemed, considering this is meant to be a light shade.

I then spent a few seconds rubbing into my skin and it almost vanished.

I could have blended more but my arms are much darker than my facial skin and I was so excited to get this stuff onto my face. You only need a small amount of this stuff as I found it goes a really long way. So off I went dabbing and blending into my skin and then when finished I looked into the mirror and felt dissappointed. Yes it evened out my skin but thats about it. It didn’t seem to do anything other than my tinted moisturiser does. I applied the rest of my make up as normal and although it is nice to wear, I was not amzed by it. After a few hours my skin looked really shiny, a problem I have never had before, so I can only assume its this product, which is funny considering it claims to control oil. I really want this product to work so I am going to give it the four weeks to fullfil its claims on the box.

All was not lost though, I still had my free beauty box with some impressive contents.

A full size 17 Ultimate Volume Gloss – Shade “In The Nude” 8ml

A full size 17 Eyes shadow – Shade “Statuesque”

17 Limited Edition Bronzed Cream blush.

First swatch image is indoors without flash and the second is outdoors without flash. From Right to left: gloss, blush,shadow.


As you can see the formula of the gloss is pretty shiny, but when applied to lips it loses a little. Its quite sheer and not as sticky as some other glosses. I did notice that my lips felt a little numb a few minutes after application, I assume it was the volume effect?

The blush applies like a dream and gives a lovely subtle flush of colour, you cant really see it in the image but it is there. This will most definatley become one of my faves.

The shadow is very sparkley and quite strongly pigmented. It applied well and I didnt get any fallout, it remained looking fresh until I had to remove it ( 4 hours later). Im personally not a fan of glittery shadows but this one worked well on me when toned down with another neutral shade.

While the BB cream is a bit of a dissappointment I am very happy with the free items and think its a very good deal if you like this brand of BB cream, who knows, I may be back singing its praises in a few weeks.


What is your favourite BB cream? What is the maximum amount you would spend on a BB cream?








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