{August 14, 2012}   What Am I Doing Here?

I guess I should start with a bit about me, I’m 33 years old and I am a mother to the best seven year old girl ever. I am engaged to my fella and we have been together 12 years. I live in the UK and I love shopping, spending time with my family (when they are not getting on my nerves) and also crafty things.

I have only recently discovered my love of make up, it could be coincidental with the fact that my first wrinkles are starting to show. I am boring my daughter and boyfriend to tears with my chatter about my latest purchases so I thought I would start a blog..

I am on a budget so as you can guess from my name I get a lot of my cosmetics from Poundland or other similar shops. Because my items are from discount stores they wont be the latest shades or this seasons trendiest items but there are plenty of other blogs around for that sort of thing. There wont be much featured here over £5.

I will try to do swatches and reviews on a regular basis but please be warned that I am not a writer, beautician or a photographer. I will make spelling mistakes, I get nail varnish on my fingers and I take photos on my Nokia N8 phone.  I do welcome any constructive criticism, if you think my eyeshadow is a bad shade for me then please tell me, all I ask is that you dont be mean about it.

I am going on a shopping trip later today and hope to fit a sneaky visit to Poundland into the day so I am very excited for my next post. I loooove shopping.


I wish there was a Poundland in NYC. Only 99 cent stores!

Thank you for your comment, I have heard about the 99 cents stores, do you find many bargains in there? or is it mostly junk?
In our poundland and poundworld there are some cool bargains to be had, not just cosmetic items but other things too such as food, you just need the time to sift amongst all the crap and junk. I love rummaging through second hand shops etc so this is great for me :)

prfash says:

Hi, if you ever want a blogger friend to chit chat to, feel free to say hi. I’m a new blogger too, I have an 8 year old boy. My financial circumstances have changed so I’ve had to find more creative and economical ways to shop. I discovered poundland last year and I have not looked back since. I’ll be doing a poundland haul on my blog this week at some point so yeh! Nice blog :D x

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